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Getting Rid of Mice for Good

Getting Rid of Mice for Good

Unfortunately, as the weather drops, mice are finding their way into warm, cozy homes. Luckily there are some things you can do in order to get rid of these mice and keep them away for good.

Here are a few facts about finding a mouse in your house:

  1. There is never just one mouse.
  2. Droppings are a major telltale sign
  3. Mice can cause more damage then what the eye can see

So what steps should you take in order to rid these unwanted creatures?

  • Don’t waste your time with home remedies. There is no science behind home remedies. Mice are used to living with humans so the smells associated with us are not a good repellant to them.
  • Try out the store-bought traps. Mousetraps are still very effective!
  • Find their entry point. It’s important that you figure out where the mice are coming in so you can help determine where they are living and building nests. These places are also the best areas to set your traps.
  • Make sure you stock up on caulk and steel wool. Once you handle the infestation, make sure no additional mice find heir way in. Block off any opening with caulking and steel wool and be sure to replace weather stripping.
  • Check your garage! Mice like to live under car hoods, where the engine is nice and warm. Be sure to keep them out of the garage so they don’t start eating your car wars and do some serious damage to your car.
  • Cut your shrubbery and branches away from your house. Unfortunately although they may look nice they are the perfect highway fro a mice and insect to get into your home.
  • Airtight food canisters are a great investment. You are less likely to attract mice if your food is more off limits.

Everyone has a different threshold for what they are willing to deal with so if necessary call your local professional to fix the problem! If they are licensed by the state they will take their time and get the job done properly with the latest techniques for treatment.

The Stuff That Rat Dreams Are Made Of


The Stuff That Rat Dreams Are Made Of

Researchers know that rats dream, and even what they dream about.  But do the rats themselves experience their dreams?  One researcher says, “you’d have to ask them.”

The new research on rats involved electrodes strapped to the heads of rats as they wandered around trying to find food.  The experiments set up a chamber filled with foods that the rats could see, but not get to.

After monitoring waking activity in the search for a meal, the observers then attached electrodes during rat sleep.  When they awoke, and were allowed to get at the food.

The data from all three phases (searching, sleeping, and finding) showed that two activities – dreaming and going toward the available food – were the most alike.

Lead researcher Hugo Spiers, a professor of experimental psychology at University College London, explained the conclusions. “During exploration, mammals rapidly form a map of the environment in their hippocampus,” “During sleep or rest, the hippocampus replays journeys through this map which may help strengthen the memory.”

The replay of images is considered to be the stuff of dreams, but there is no way to confirm whether the rats remember this information.  It’s the brains way of helping mammals solve pressing problems.