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South Florida Exterminators can Conquer Pharaoh Ant Empires

South Florida ExterminatorsMonomorium pharaonis is the scientific name for one of South Florida’s more interesting pests. However, most people just refer to the creatures as pharaoh ants. Like the humans that they share a moniker with, these 1/12-inch long formicidae have been around for centuries. They have also been the target of our South Florida exterminators.

South Florida exterminator lore has it that the pharaoh ants got their name because of an erroneous connection to ancient Egypt’s insect plagues. Although these African natives didn’t participate in the plague, it doesn’t mean that they are not trouble with a capital T.

Pharaoh ants love to nest in hot, humid enclosed areas. So that makes them exceptionally fond of South Florida. Hot, humid homes are not their only nesting spots either. These South Florida pests have a penchant for medical facilities as well.

When they do infest medical facilities, it is not uncommon to see them drinking from blood plasma bags, IV bags or the mouths of sleeping humans. What makes such situations even more disturbing is that the ants are also known carriers of diseases. Some of the diseases connected to South Florida’s pharaoh ant population are streptococcus, salmonella and staphylococcus.

To add to the problem, once the pharaoh ants establish a nest, their numbers can grow quickly. Perhaps that is why they were once falsely associated with the plagues. How quickly can they reproduce? Well, each female, of which there may be more than 100 per nest, is capable of producing 400 eggs at a time. Those eggs are capable of turning into additional females in less than 40 days. So in as little as two months, a South Florida dwelling can literally become overrun with pharaohs.

The good news is that our South Florida exterminators know how to bring the pharaohs’ reign to a swift conclusion. To learn more about how they accomplish such a challenging feat, please contact us at (866) 611-2847.

Seeing Ghosts? South Florida Exterminators Can Help

South Florida ExterminatorsAs long time South Florida exterminators, we’ve seen our share of ants. We can also honestly say that the Sunshine State has some of the more interesting species of Formicidae in the United States. One of the more bizarre creatures is the ghost ant. South Florida exterminator legend has it that ghost ants started haunting areas of the Sunshine State back in the 1980s.

Ironically enough, it happened about the same as the arrival of a certain gigantic, paranormal marshmallow. At the time, his arrival captured more headlines. Of course now all of that has changed and it’s the ghost ants’ antics that are making the national news.

Just in case you have never seen a South Florida ghost ant before, they are typically less than 1.5 mm long and feature white gasters. That’s the scientific name used to identify the lower portions of their bodies. Their heads and upper bodies, on the other hand, are traditionally a dark brown or black. Believed to have originated overseas, they tend to smell like rancid coconut oil when you step on them.

Besides looking and smelling different that other South Florida ants, the ghosts have other claims to fame. For instance, they are known to share living space with spiders and ants outside of their species. They also enjoy eating honeydew melons, sugar water and other sweet treats.

In addition, the ghosts are exceptionally adept at promptly relocating and taking up residence in the tiniest of areas. Places that they will sometimes colonize are book bindings, motor vehicles, electrical outlets, window sill ledges and cracks in between a home’s baseboards. Subsequently, they can be very challenging to vanquish.

So, if you eventually end up with a house full of little ghosts and want to make them disappear, contact us online or call (866) 611-2847. Once you do, we’ll put Hulett Environmental Services’ South Florida exterminators to work for you.

South Florida Exterminators Discuss Region’s Termite Populations

As South Florida exterminators, we are often asked questions about our area’s termite populations. The questions understandably vary. However, some of them have to do with the various types (subterranean, dampwood and drywood) and species of termites found throughout the Sunshine State. That said, we thought that it might be helpful to briefly spotlight a few of the more common ones.

Subterranean Termites in South Florida

There are many species of termites that are considered subterranean. As you may have guessed, they live underground and use foraging tubes to access food sites. One of the most problematic ones found in South Florida is the Formosan. Originally from Asia, it first surfaced in Hallandale in the 1980s. Since that time, it has been eating its way across our fair state.

For the novice, their colonies can be hard to find. That’s because it is not uncommon for the creatures to travel 300 feet from their homestead to feast on South Floridian’s wooden structures. As such, quickly securing the services of a South Florida exterminator to eradicate them is strongly advised.

Termite Pest Control
Termite Pest Control

Drywood Termites in South Florida

Drywood termites also live in South Florida. They differ from subterranean termites in many respects, including where they establish their colonies. Unlike their underground cohorts, drywood species like to nest inside of drywood. They also tend to create modest homes and have much shorter foraging ranges. Species that may be found in Florida include the West Indian, western and southeastern.

Dampwood Termites in South Florida

It should also be noted that South Florida has a dampwood termite population as well. They are often found living in modest-size colonies located in damp areas. That is partially why it is so important for South Floridians to address any water related, structural damage quickly. Species that homeowners may encounter are neotermes luykxi and neotermes castaneus.

Tree Termites in South Florida

Lastly, we can’t forget South Florida’s tree termite population. Some Floridians may remember hearing about them surfacing in Dania Beach in the early 2000s. They are adept at quickly destroying trees and building large, above ground nests. Therefore, they also need to be eliminated quickly. Otherwise, extensive property damage may occur.

As we mentioned previously, the above is just a brief look at South Florida’s termite populations. To learn more, contact our South Florida exterminators at (866) 611-2847. We stand by our work and offer free termite inspections.