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2nd Edition of Termite Warning Signs

Here are a few clues that termites may be present in a home:

Termite Control in Florida

  1. Mud tubes (used by termites to reach a food source) on the exterior of the home
  2. Soft wood in the home that sounds hollow when tapped
  3. Darkening or blistering of wood structures
  4. Cracked or bubbling paint
  5. Small piles of feces that resembles sawdust near a termite nest
  6. Discarded wings near doors or on windowsills, indicating swarmers have entered the home

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Browse some of our older posts below that are on our South Florida Pest Control Blog:

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Keep your guests happy and your backyard pest-free during barbecues!

Pest Free Barbecue

To keep your guests happy and your backyard pest-free during barbecues, consider the following tips: 

  1. Mosquitoes are most active at dusk and dawn, so if you are planning a barbeque before sunset, plan on having plenty of insect repellant containing an EPA-registered active ingredient like DEET or Picaridin available for you and your guests. Adorn your deck or patio with citronella candles that can help minimize the presence of mosquitoes in the area, and wear long sleeves or pants to avoid bites.
  2. Yellowjackets and other stinging insects are attracted to fragrances from shampoo, perfume and candles — not to mention food and drink. Avoid using scented items beforehand and provide clear plastic cups for your guests as aluminum cans and plastic bottles are good hiding spots for stinging insects.
  3. Prior to the party, check screen doors and repair any holes. And with guests coming in and out of your house, make sure the doors close behind them.
  4. Keep all food and beverages in sealed coolers and containers.
  5. Keep garbage containers sealed and away from guests.
  6. Clean trash, spills and crumbs immediately from tables and other surfaces.
  7. Rinse all beverage bottles and cans, and dispose of them in tightly closed garbage containers.
  8. Bring utensils and dishware indoors shortly after the meal.
  9. Plan to serve food and beverages indoors, and reserve outdoor space for eating and entertaining.
  10. Remove or drain sources of standing water in your yard that could be a breeding ground for mosquitoes, including birdbaths, and wading pools.

Termite Pest Control: 7 Tips for Preventing a Termite Infestation

Termite Pest Control
Termite Pest Control

A key part of termite pest control is prevention.  Staying vigilant and following the seven tips listed below will help you reduce your chances of suffering from a termite infestation. 1) Quickly repair plumbing problems If you notice leaky pipes and dripping A/C units, have them fixed as soon as possible.  When moisture starts to build up in and around the foundation of your home, termites are more likely to show up and multiply.  A buildup of moisture in your basement and crawl spaces is particularly problematic. 2) Don’t point your sprinklers at the foundation of your home Some people have sprinkler systems that deposit excess water directly on their home and on the soil at the foundation.  Again, you want to keep the foundation and the ground around it dry. 3) Don’t get careless with dead wood Dead wood in contact with soil is a top attraction for termites.  Take care then not to deposit mulch at the foundation of your home.  Don’t stack firewood or old lumber right up against your house.  Make sure the area around your home is clear of wood debris.  Ideally, any parts of your house that are made of wood will be at least half a foot above the soil. 4) Keep vegetation under control Plants shouldn’t be closer than a few feet to the foundation of your home; the moist and nutrient-rich soil beneath them could attract termites.  Any vents leading into your home at or close to ground level should remain clear of weeds and other vegetation; this way, termites will be less likely to have a moist and poorly ventilated space to crawl into. 5) Make sure your drains and gutters are clear Drains and gutters, when constructed properly, play a role in keeping the foundation of your home free of moisture.  Be sure to inspect them for blockages and clean out debris, deposits of leaves, and any pools of standing water. 6) Check for cracks in the foundation Conduct an inspection of your home, both externally and internally (from your basement, for example) to find any cracks that might admit termites. 7) Maintain good crawl space ventilation Installing vapor barriers can help keep the space dry.  Also make sure there are enough vents for the amount of square footage your crawl space occupies. These seven tips should help make your home less friendly to termites.  In addition, you can have your home inspected and assessed for termite risk and presence, and enlist the services of professionals to further termite-proof your property.  Contact us not only if you’re already experiencing termite problems, but if you’d also like to work on preventing an infestation.