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How Pest Control in West Palm Beach can Help Maintain A Pest Free Home

Pest Control in West Palm BeachOne of the best ways to keep your home free from pests or any type of infestation is prevention. Prevention is so important because even if all pests are exterminated using treatment, they may return if the initial cause of the problem is not addressed. By learning more about protecting your home against pest invasion with Pest Control in West Palm Beach, it should be possible to maintain peace of mind.

Eliminate Cracks in the Foundation

Cracks in the foundation or open windows are basically an invitation for a plethora of insects to take up residence in your home. Many insects will live in between the screen and glass of your window. Periodically clean out this space and caulk up visual cracks observed on the outside of your home.

Fix Leaks

Insects require a certain level of moisture to survive. This is why they are so akin to living in basements, where the humidity tends to be higher than in other areas of the home. Fixing leaks and installing a dehumidifier are both excellent ways to decrease the level of humidity.

Routinely Have Preventative Treatments Applied to the Home Exterior

Having a professional West Palm Beach pest control company routinely apply treatments to the exterior of your home can prevent invasive and often costly infestations. According to Best Pick Reports, “If you’re looking at preventative measures, have a less urgent pest situation, or have a pest problem outside of the home, such as mosquitoes, an outdoor service plan is the recommended method of keeping those unwanted bugs and wildlife away from your home and out of your yard.”

Take the time to contact us at Hulett Environmental Services if you have any questions about pest control in West Palm Beach.

Give Your Family the Gift of Termite Control in West Palm Beach

During the next two months, many South Florida residents will be making lots of plans and enjoying the holidays. Of course in all of that seasonal excitement, it is very easy to forget about termite control in West Palm Beach. That’s why we wanted to remind everyone that now is a great time to establish or renew annual termite protection plans.

Remember, although termite activity may slow down in the cooler months it doesn’t end completely. As such, any termite colonies that may exist in a person’s home or on thier property will continue to feed and do damage. So everyone should continue to be on the lookout for signs of an infestation. Those signs include the presence of bubbling paint, mud tubes, hollow wood sounds and piles of frass.

In addition to eating, the termites will also undoubtedly be preparing for their spring swarming rituals. That’s usually about the time they start looking for more space to accommodate their growing population. Therefore, setting up an annual termite protection plan now may just help minimize the colony’s warm weather expansion.

At Hulett Environmental Services, our assortment of annual protection plans collectively cover damage by three different types of termites. Those types include subterranean termites, Formosan termites and drywood termites. All three types eat cellulose but have variations in behavior.

Because of that, each annual protection plan will obviously vary based on the type of termite involved. However, all of the new plans traditionally start with a free termite inspection. Depending on the plan, South Floridians may also be eligible to receive a complimentary perimeter spay and a $1,000,000 damage warranty.

For more information on annual termite control in West Palm Beach, please contact us at (866) 611-2847. Our team would be delighted to explain each plan in detail and arrange for an initial site inspection.

West Palm Beach Florida Pest Control Pros Can Send White-Footed Ants Packing

West Palm Beach Florida Pest ControlIn certain parts of the world, some people are strapping on their snow boots right about now and heading for the hills. Of course our West Palm Beach pest control pros know that this is not the case in South Florida. The only creatures that appear to be wearing snow covered boots in the Sunshine State are white-footed ants. Considered to be an Old World species, white-footed ants have been a part of the Sunshine State’s landscape since the 1980s. However, they didn’t make their way to South Florida until the 2000s.

They feature 3mm long, dark colored bodies and strikingly white tarsi. Hence, that’s how they came to be called white-footed ants. They also have one other bizarre feature. They give off a fruit scent when you accidentally step on one. Perhaps that odd odor may be partially attributed to their diet. It typically consists of honeydew melons and plant nectars. At this point, no one knows for certain whether that’s why their corpses smell like fruit or not.

Although it is not unusual, another white-footed ant attribute worth mentioning is their colony demographics. In most instances, the colonies contain a very large number of females that are capable of bearing a substantial amount of offspring. Thus, they can be quiet hard to handle without the aid of a West Palm Beach Florida pest control professional.

Our West Palm Beach pest control team knows that white-footed ants’ nesting sites vary. However, they tend to be particularly fond of wall voids in a kitchen or bathroom area. That’s apparently because it puts them in close proximity to food and water. We should also note that attics, dead vegetation and clogged rain gutter systems have been known to harbor colonies as well.

For more information on white-footed ants and how West Palm Beach Florida pest control pros can help send them packing, please contact us at (866) 611-2847.

Reasons Why Termite Control in West Palm Beach is Needed Year Round

Termite Control in West Palm BeachMany people mistakenly believe that termites hibernate during the winter months. The truth is that while colder weather can slow these creatures down, they nonetheless remain active, even during the winter months. As a result, termite control in West Palm Beach could be needed at any time of year if you are to combat these creatures.

Termites live in colonies deep within the soil, where they will constantly be looking for new sources of food. Although they move somewhat slower during the winter months, they nonetheless remain active in finding wood to digest. In some parts of the country, their movement is greatly restricted because the soil is frozen; however, here in West Palm Beach, that is rarely a deterrent for these creatures.

Termites often become active in stacks of firewood during the winter, which means it could be easy for you to bring them into your home if you have a wood-burning fireplace. Likewise, if you are storing old magazines or newspapers to help get your fire going, termites could easily take up residence in these piles as well.

Your home could have been infested with termites long before winter arrived. If so, the fact that it is a little bit colder outside won’t change the fact that you are already infested. In fact, you could just start noticing swarming activity taking place, or see remnants of the wings these creatures have shed while making their way through your house. Their indoor activity will not necessarily be slowed down during the colder season, as they will be able to benefit from the heat that’s already present on the inside.

Even if you don’t see signs of a termite infestation, it can still be a good idea to have regular inspections performed in order to catch problems early on. For a free consultation, contact us.

West Palm Beach Pest Control Pro Talks About Crazy Ants

There are many multi-legged creatures that call the Sunshine State home. One of the more recent ones to set up shop in West Palm Beach is the crazy ant. Unlike other ants found in our area, they have something uniquely in common with today’s society, a love of technology.

Yes, you most definitely read that right. We said a love of technology. Originally from the Caribbean, the ants are known to gravitate towards heat and heat producing electronics. Hence, you’ll often find them near power plants, outdoor hot tub motors, HVAC units and generators. They have also been known to crawl inside of laptops, cell phones, desk top computers, tablets and other electronic mobile devices that can accommodate their 2.6 to 3 mm long frames.

“How much heat do they need?”, you may ask. In our experience, they tend to prefer temperatures above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. So that pretty much makes West Palm Beach the crazy ants’ Shangri-La. A love of heat is not the only odd characteristic associated with this West Palm Beach pest. Their bodies expand after eating to the point that they appear to have stretch marks. In addition, they tend to have really long antennae.

They are also known to travel in mass, colonize in more than one place at once and accept a multitude of queens. In some instances, more than 35 queens may be present. At this point, there seems to be no definitive answer on how many offspring each one may produce. However, given the size of their colonies and swarms we can only assume that it’s a substantial number.

With that said, should you wake up one morning and find that your property is the site of a crazy ant infestation, be sure to contact us toll-free at (866) 611-2847. Hulett Environmental Services’ West Palm Beach pest control pros can help you deal with the crazy ants as well as other Florida loving pests.

Exterminator in West Palm Beach FL – Keep your business’s break room bug free!

Exterminator in West Palm Beach FLWith over 20,000 species of Ants in the world and many calling south Florida home it can be difficult to keep them from invading your business. Break rooms are especially vulnerable due to the constant availability of food and sweets such as sweeteners commonly used for coffee service. With a proper prevention routine by your employees and a professional pest treatment you can ensure they don’t infest your business.

Pest Prevention

It is essential that business’s with break rooms for employees take necessary precautions to prevent an ant infestation. It is ideal to have a system for all employees to follow on where to store their food, areas of disposal and cleanliness guidelines. All food must be properly stored out of the reach of bugs or an ant infestation can happen quickly.  It is also necessary to keep items such as sugar, creamer and food condiments in sealed container. Food waste needs to be kept in a closed trash bin and emptied nightly. The break room tables, countertops and floors need to be kept clean and free of food debris which is an ant attractant.

Pest Treatment

It is critical that you have a pest treatment program in place for your business. A professional Exterminator in West Palm Beach, FL can treat your entire business inside and out to prevent not only ants, but many other common pests that reside in the warm subtropical climate of south Florida. Treatments are available that will reside in our break rooms and are completely safe to be around the food, coffee service products as well as food condiments. They are most often an unseen device that makes a world of difference to your employees by ensuring they have healthy clean environment to enjoy their mealtime.

To learn more about the different types of ants that are a threat to your business and find a pest treatment program that is best for your business, please contact us or call (866) 611-2847.

Exterminators in West Palm Beach seeing an Increase in Fire Ants

Fire ants are stinging insects that are usually bright red in color. There are more than 285 different species of fire ants, which produce large mounds of dirt that disrupt the local terrain. They can also attack other insects and even small animals by biting them and then injecting them with a toxin. While they are not deadly to humans, they are bothersome, and are being noticed in increasing numbers by exterminators in West Palm Beach.

The Palm Beach Post first reported on the local infestation around a year ago. This publication reported that residents in Palm Beach Colony, a neighborhood located in nearby Royal Palm Beach, claim their area is infested with these bothersome creatures. These residents claim that the ants are so abundant in number that they are infesting trees and shrubs in their community and causing their premature death.

It seems that moving about has also been made more difficult due to the fire ant invasion. At least one resident of Palm Beach Colony claims that she is bitten on a daily basis while taking her walks, and has been forced to carry alcohol pads with her in order to minimize the pain she feels whenever they bite her. Another woman claims she has given up her daily walks altogether due to the same issue.

Since fire ant can get underground, they may also pose a threat to buried utility lines. Florida Power and Light has reportedly experienced problems because of fire ants in recent years, often finding them in foreclosed properties because there has been no attempt made to eliminate them once they have become established.

Fire ants can cause disruption to your life, as these nearby residents will attest. If you find yourself infested with these creatures, don’t wait, because they can multiply quickly. Instead, contact us so that we can help you get rid of them as soon as possible.

Environmentally Responsible Ways to Get Rid of Ants and Termites

No home or apartment is safe. There is some kind of insect or pest invading your space including ants and termites.  Dealing with harsh solutions can harm you, your family and the environment. You know not to let them take over, so take back your home by containing or eliminating the threat altogether.  Here are some environmentally responsible ways to handle ants and termites with .

Ant Pest ControlAnts

Along with being a nuisance the ant will either eat your food or eat the structure of the home.  The ant comes from a colony and if the colony is threatened it will not hesitate to bite back.  However, there are responsible and environmental ways to contain the situation.

  • Seal cracks:  Cracks and other crevices that ants enter from the outside should be sealed with caulk.
  • Remove food:  Remove access to sugary foods and other foods by placing foods in an ant-proof container.  Clean up food spills on the floor with a vacuum or broom.  Clean dishes, pots and pans in the sink.
  • Trees:  Cut limbs and branches of trees that hang over the home.  Ants use this as a route to enter the home.
  • Household solutions:  There are plenty of things around the home that will deal with ants.  Some examples are vinegar, dishwashing liquid, cinnamon and baby powder.  Clean the home with vinegar or dishwashing liquid.  Sprinkle baby powder or cinnamon on the ant or ant colony.  Ants don’t like the smell of either and will not come back.


Termites eat away at wood until your home is destroyed. There are plenty of responsible methods you can use to control the situation.

  • Seal gaps:  Some termites like soil and water while the other like small cracks in wood.  Remove access to both.  Sweep soil off porches and destroy soil that’s shaped like a mud tube around the home.  Don’t use mulch as it attracts termites.  Fix moisture problems in crawlspaces, basement areas, the roof and the foundation of the home.  Water plumbing, gutters and HVAC condensation must be fixed and fully dry.  In addition seal off water and gas lines so they won’t enter the home.  Seal cracks, joints and crevices.
  • Removal:  Inspect lumber for termites before use in indoor or outdoor projects.  Remove the infected ones.  Inspect trees and firewood for termites and remove those.  Place them in the trash can.  Never bury them underground.  Pay special attention to wood shingles and the area around it.
  • Paint:  Painting wood can seal cracks in wood so termites won’t get inside.
  • Bug screens:  Add bug screens over every vents in the home.

Be sure to add Hulett to the list of environmentally responsible ways to remove ants and termites.  We will inspect the home for termites using techniques like our No Tent Termite Control for Drywood termites and Liquid Defense Termidor treatment for Subterranean termites.  Call us at 866-611-2847 and let us tackle the pest or for more information on our services.

Termites or Flying Ants? A West Palm Beach Exterminator Explains the Difference

Many people are frightened whenever they notice what appear to be winged in or around their home. That’s because they are unsure whether or not these insects are actually a , and are afraid their home may be infested. These two bugs are similar in appearance, yet each one has some distinct features that help them be easily identified.

West Palm Beach Exterminator

Termites have short straight antennas, while flying ants have longer ones that are bent at an angle. Termite antennae sometimes look like a string of beads whenever they are examined up close. The body of a termite is oblong and narrow, and appears to be one solid mass. On the other hand, flying ants have three distinct sections to their body characterized by a somewhat smaller head and thorax (midsection) and a slightly larger abdomen.

Both insects have two sets of clear wings. Termite wings are long, narrow and evenly proportioned, with the top set of wings being precisely the same size as the bottom pair are. Flying ant wings are more curved than those of termites, with the upper set of wings being larger than their lower ones are.

Aside from examining the insects themselves, there are other ways to determine whether the swarms you see are actually ants or termites. If you are infested with termites, you may notice things such as:

  • Piles of wings lying on the floor
  • Presence of what appears to be sawdust lying on your floor
  • Mud tubes or tunnels located on the foundation of your home

Ants and termites both develop wings during their reproductive stages. During this time, they are referred to as alates, and generally begin to swarm as part of the mating process. Termites that are not involved in this process are larvae-like creatures that somewhat resemble maggots. The presence of these insects outside along with swarmed ant-like pests inside could also be evidence of a termite infestation.

Whether your home has flying ants or termites, you’ll need a to help you get rid of them. to schedule an on-site visit so that we can help you determine your exact pest control needs.