Termite Trouble for South Florida Termites are one of the most devastating pest problems because of the damage they cause to buildings and structures. That's why if you have a termite problem, or suspect you may have a termite problem, you call a professional pest management company right away. And University of Florida entomologists are predicting that termite activity will expand—so much so that by 2040 nearly half of the structures in South Florida will be at risk of infestation. So, what is being done to get ahead of this problem? "Facing the increasing pressure of both invasive subterranean termites in South Florida, area-wide termite management programs could be implemented to provide a long-term, sustainable solution for communities," said Assistant Researcher Thomas Chouvenc. Chouvenc urges that residents in South Florida monitor signs for termites often and work with a professional pest company to address a potential infestation immediately. We couldn't agree more! Have you ever experienced termites? Do you think the University of Florida is correct in their prediction?