Terrifying facts about spiders

Terrifying facts about spiders

No one wants to think about them but they are around. Here are a few terrifying facts about spiders.

Spiders can and will crawl into your ear. A spider crawled into a sleeping woman’s ear in and stayed there for 5 days. Her only relief came after a doctor’s visit to flush it out. Spiders can hide in your food. The Brazilian wandering spider can cause human death by asphyxiation. Imagine biting into a banana and finding one of these spiders! Spiders throw a silk strand for web building, which can carry them flying through the air. While they cannot technically fly, it certainly looks like they do!

Spiders don’t just bite. Spiders actually liquefy their prey. First they find a way to make their prey not able to move, then they inject them with juices from their digestive systems. Those juices turn the internal organs of the prey into liquid. Some species of spiders are such aggressive hunters that they will actually chase their aggressors. Even if that means humans, spiders clearly have no fear.

One species of spider, the tarantula, has the ability to spray barbed hairs at their aggressors if they are scared.  These hairs are sprayed out of the tarantulas legs, and can help render the attacker paralyzed.

All in all, spiders are very interesting insects that can be very terrifying at times.

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