Even though many bugs are active year-round in South Florida's mild, humid climate, but in the summer months…it's full-on bug time. The usual suspects, such as cockroaches, palmetto bugs, ants, termites, mosquitoes, bees, wasps, and spiders just love trying to ruin your summer plans. While you swat, spray and try to keep them out of your summer fun, just how much do you really know about these home invaders and outdoor menaces? Test you pest knowledge here!

About those cockroaches

One of the most resilient pests in the world, cockroaches have been around since dinosaurs ruled the earth. Why?
  1. Cockroaches can live without their heads for a week.
  2. Cockroaches are just really clever and know how to dodge danger.
  3. Cockroaches don't drown easily.
  4. These guys can run up to three miles per hour.
  5. They are sneaky and love to come out at night.
If you selected a, c, d, and e, you know your cockroaches. Due to an open circulatory system, cockroaches breathe through holes in their body segments and don't need a mouth to breathe. These pests only die because they starve without a mouth. Cockroaches can indeed hold their breath underwater for about 30 minutes and run up to three miles an hour contaminating a lot of food and spreading bacteria rapidly. As for option b, researchers have determined that cockroaches don't live in societies with queens and kings and instead, operate on a wait and see basis. A few bolder cockroaches detect danger and run towards shelter. The other cockroaches wait to see what happens with the first cockroaches before they follow suit.

Ants, Ants, Ants

South Florida is home to many types of ants, as are most places in the world. From tiny ghost ants to the feared and famous fire ant. Which things are true about ants in your neighborhood?
  1. Crazy ants can cause electrical circuits to short out.
  2. Invasive Argentine ants are replacing fire ants in South Florida.
  3. Fire ants build their mounds in yards away from people and only attack when disturbed.
All true. Crazy ants, named for their erratic movements, actually do some crazy things. Attracted to electrical units, crazy ants sometimes get electrocuted by the electrical units they infest. When this happens, crazy ants send out attack signals to other members of their colonies who come to their rescue, only to meet the same fate. Ant bodies piling up in electrical units can cause short outs in your circuits. Invasive Argentine ants form immense colonies with multiple queens and are overcoming fire ant colonies. Fire ants, despite their reputation generally stay away from people. However, Argentine ants go everywhere. Even if you eliminate an Argentine ant infestation, these pests just move on to form colonies somewhere else in your yard.

Bees and Wasps

Summer means bees and wasps may build nests too close for comfort to your home and your loved ones. While pollinators are essential to the world's food sources, bees and wasps can pose allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. Which of these statements about bees and wasps is false?
  1. Pollinators only sting as a last resort when threatened.
  2. Predators, such as yellow jackets, are aggressive and can sting multiple times.
  3. In Great Britain and other countries, bees are invited to weddings.
  4. DIY methods are a good way to get rid of bees or wasps.
While it might seem obvious, the false statement is actually d. Bees and wasps that build hives too close for comfort should be handled by a certified, licensed pest control professional, such as Hulett. Because yellow jackets and other predatory wasps can sting multiple times and are likely to swarm when threatened, South Florida homeowners should leave the task of removing bee and wasp threats to pest control professionals. However, when honey bees sting, they sacrifice their lives. Their curved stingers pull their abdomens away from their bodies when they try to escape their threat. On a lighter note, in Great Britain, bees attend weddings, due to their reputation as a good luck charm; they even enjoy special cakes baked just for them.

Termites: The evil you don't see

In South Florida, destructive termites are on the rise and predicted to infest over half the area's structures by 2040. Why should South Florida homeowners take proactive measures to prevent termites from entering their homes?
  1. Warm and humid weather provides the perfect environment for termites to swarm and form new colonies in different areas of your home.
  2. Termite damage can be expensive to repair and isn't usually covered by your homeowner's insurance.
  3. Drywood termites will eat any cellulose available, including live trees and utility poles.
Unfortunately, all of the above statements are true. Proactive South Florida homeowners know that in order to prevent termites from entering their homes, they need to contact a trusted, professional pest control company to create a termite barrier for their most valuable asset. Hulett, a local family-owned business for three generations, offers many environmentally responsible pest prevention programs, as well as no-tent and when necessary tent fumigation programs that can solve your termite issues. Our Healthy Home programs guarantee you'll be satisfied. Contact Hulett to schedule a free pest inspection! Put your summer pest worries to rest and enjoy your summer. It's simple. Just call Hulett!