The Largest Bug Ever Has Just Been Found! Ever heard of a stick insect?  Well they are pretty huge.  There are over three thousand different varieties of stick insects, and you may have seen one but did not know it was a great big bug. These "stick insects" look a lot like their name.  Even the bug expert who found the longest ever stick insect did not at first realize that he was looking at an insect, he just thought it was a tree twig.  Although this "expert" did not immediately know what he was looking at, we cannot really blame him. After all, the insect is only as thick as an index finger and is a half meter long. The researcher, Zhao Li, had been notified by locals that a huge insect had been seen occasionally in a wooded area.  After searching for the insect for 6 years he finally found it. Apparently, they have remarkable camouflage capabilities, as you can imagine.  The new subspecies will be named after Zhao in his honor. What would you do if you suddenly realized what you thought was simply a tree branch was actually a giant insect?