Unfortunately, termites are a common problem for homeowners in South Florida. The warm, moist environment creates a safe-haven of sorts for the pests. Termite infestation is among homeowners’ worst fears. Not only do termites put the structure of your home in danger once they have eaten deep into the wood, but many homeowners find the idea “creepy”, and wonder how they’re going to solve the problem. You may envision large tents covering your home and think, “Oh no, the whole neighborhood will see.” While you may think that this is the only way to treat the problem, it’s not true. Hulett Environmental Services offers a "No-Tent" termite treatment, and the process is simple and effective.

Traditional Tenting for Termites

The worst part about traditional tenting for termites is that it requires families to vacate the premises for several days while the process is completed. Finding another place to stay for a few days can be expensive for families who need to purchase multiple hotel rooms. At the bare minimum, it's inconvenient and disruptive to your everyday schedule. No one wants to leave their home behind.

Preparing Your Home for Fumigation Is a Tedious Process

Another costly and inconvenient aspect of tent fumigation for drywood termites is that you’ll have to remove food, medication, and makeup from your house. Throwing out weeks’ worth of groceries is something no one wants to have to do. You’ll also have to prepare the exterior of your home by disconnecting satellite dishes or antennas, trimming back trees or bushes, etc. These tasks are time consuming and the associated costs can quickly add up. The good news is that none of this has to happen when you use the “No-Tent” treatment with Hulett Environmental Services.

The "No-Tent" Termite Treatment is Simple

Hulett Environmental Services makes the "No-Tent" process simple, yet effective. The process is just a few steps, without any of the hassle associated with the tenting process.

Step One

Contact us for a free consultation and inspection with no obligation to sign. Our bug and pest experts will evaluate your home on-site to assess the extent of the damage caused by termites and advise you on the best course of action. Once you’re ready, schedule the date for your treatment, and our team will get right to work.

Step Two

While performing our "No-Tent" treatment, our professionals utilize an advanced non-repellent product for direct injection into the termite infested spots in your home, where the pests are sure to come into contact with the substance. It is very important to conduct a thorough inspection in order to apply product in all of the infested areas. That is why it is important to use a trained professional.

Step Three

After the initial phase, the termite “workers”, who are tasked with feeding and caring for the rest of the colony, spread the product by a "transfer effect" by transferring the product to the other members of the colony. The colony then begins to die off.

Step Four

As the product is transferred throughout the colony, it will be brought back to the “Queen”. This completely eradicates not just a portion of the colony, but all of it. The process is complete, and your termite infestation has been treated without a tent.

Step Five

We don’t stop at just treating the termites where they live, we also ensure that preventative measures are taken to keep your home safe in the future, too. Our professionals will also treat the common termite entry points to deter future infestations.

The Benefits of Choosing a "No-Tent" Termite Treatment

Tent Fumigation for drywood termites can be a lengthy, expensive, and an inconvenient process for homeowners. Luckily, with Hulett Environmental Services, there is another option. Our "No-Tent" termite treatment option allows families to remain in their homes while still addressing the pesky problem of termite infestation. There are many benefits associated with the "No-Tent".

· There is no need to vacate your home while the treatment takes place.

· You will not have to remove plants or flowers from the area.

· You do not have to remove or dispose of food products in your home.

· Medications and cosmetics can remain where they are.

· There is no risk of damage to landscaping or your roof.

· You do not have to dismount satellite dishes or remove antennas.

· You will not have to trim trees or shrubs before the treatment.

· Our methods are pet-friendly and there is no need to evacuate your pet during the treatment process.

· Our "No-Tent" treatment also includes a preventative treatment to reduce the likelihood of future infestation attempts.

Free Consultations and Inspection

Termite prevention is preferable over termite control, so it’s essential that you take steps in advance to protect your home. This can be difficult for most homeowners because they do not know the signs of infestation, nor the conditions of a home that make them more vulnerable to termite infestation. Let us help. Hulett Environmental Services has termite preventative programs, and can consult with you and your family to provide advice on the best way you can maintain a termite-free home. If you may already have a problem, contact us immediately to diagnose the issue and discuss with you the best treatment options.

If you’ve noticed termites, pests and bugs around your home, but you aren’t quite sure what they are, you can upload photos directly to our safe and secure form for our experts to evaluate online. After reviewing the pictures, an expert will contact you to let you know if an on-site inspection is necessary.

Don’t let termites win the battle, take control of your home with the help of Hulett Environmental Services.