The Right Repellent for an Insect-Free Yard You might love watching the sun set from your back porch, but I'm betting you don't love the mosquito bites that come with it, or the ever-hovering flies. So, what product really does work to get rid of pests in your backyard? Consumer Reports decided to do a little experiment of their own, recreating a backyard barbecue, complete with 250 aggressive mosquitos and four poor testers used as guinea pigs (in protective suits of course). They compared these products: Off! Citronella Bucket, Bug Band Portable Diffuser, and a giant oscillating fan. Which one do you think won? And the prize goes to…the oscillating fan! Neither the Off! Citronella Bucket nor the Bug Band Portable Diffuser did much to deter mosquitos from landing on the test subjects, which goes to show what a waste of money some of these products are. It turns out the simple oscillating fan produced the greatest results, reducing mosquito landings on people by the fan by 45 to 65 percent. So, next time you want to enjoy the sun setting just take a fan outside with you rather than waste your money on those candles and fancy devices that don't seem to do much of anything. Have you tried any of these products that are supposed to repel mosquitos? How well have they worked for you?