The Things a Wasp Will Have to Do to Feed Her Young Although it is hard to picture a wasp attacking an enormous tarantula, this scenario can happen.  Your ordinary wasp has been known to attack the Baboon Spider.  The Baboon Spider can grow to be as large as a small bird.  It has large fangs, hairy legs, and a very sticky web, whereas the typical wasp has only the advantage of its ability to fly and, of course, its sting.  So can the wasp emerge as the victor if these two creatures are pitted against each other Well, as it turns out, yes!  But the wasp does not just kill the tarantula.  The wasp easily breaks through the tarantula's web, and proceeds to rudely invade the tarantula's home, craving the three and a half ounces of protein that this particular tarantula is packing.  Naturally, this home invasion catches the tarantula off guard, forcing them to retreat.  The ordinary wasp can easily catch up to the tarantula and sting the poor guy, putting him into a coma. The rest of the tarantula's days involves it being used as an incubator for the wasp's offspring only to be eventually eaten by the wasps larvae.  Not a bad story if you cannot stand tarantulas, and cannot get enough of wasp babies. Have you ever seen a smaller insect attacking a larger one? Do you know of any animals that do this as well?