Trading Meat for Mealworms There has been a lot of buzz recently about a rising trend in cities and restaurants promoting the consumption of insects over other proteins that are less sustainable. The latest example of this trend comes out of Toronto, where a local market sells items such as mealworm flour, organic cricket flour, chocolate mint cricket pies and peanut butter mealworm balls. Is your mouth watering yet? We don't blame you if it isn't! What's more, these products are not cheap—a bag of 113 grams of mealworms, for example, costs $17.99. This seems like a tough sell, especially when a bag of potato chips can cost less than a dollar! While shoppers at this market may not be buying these products, they are definitely curious. "At this point we're doing more sampling than actually selling," store owner Brad McMullen said. "Edible bugs are a trending thing now." What do you think? Have you ever eaten any insect food products? If not, would you be willing to try? We think we may stick to pest management …. Not pest consumption!