Trained Mice Make Airports Safer Israeli's are airport security experts.  They have learned over decades how to keep airports and airplanes safe from explosives.  The newest technology uses the skills of mice to sniff out potential threats. Mice are easily trained, and once they learn how to detect explosive devices, they are a low-maintenance group of workers.  These rodents are adept at any type of investigation using their sense of smell, so can be trained in finding a wide range of dangerous devices. The Israeli company that is training and promoting mice as the next cutting edge airport technology, can turn mice into "bio-sensors." Airports still use X-rays and metal detectors.  If someone has a suspicious profile, luggage may be subjected to explosives trace testing.  But only a small number of people can be trace tested, which involves swabbing the luggage and testing the swab results. Mice are far more efficient than trace testing and better at sniffing out potentially dangerous individuals. Travelers who are concerned that little white rodents will be scurrying over their luggage need not feel dismay, however.  The mice can be placed in cages at key points and trained to scan the luggage as it goes by.