Unbelievable Insect Trivia Did you know that insects don't feel any pain at all? Insects don't have the Nocicepters in their brains to communicate the feeling of pain to them. Do mosquitoes have a preference when it comes to blood type, gender, etc.? They do! Studies have shown that mosquitoes prefer the blood type O to any other. They've also been shown to prefer men as to women. Did you know that caterpillars have over two times the muscles humans have? While humans are made up of 639 muscles, some caterpillars have 4,000 muscles in their entire body. Scientists have developed a clock that runs on nothing but dead flies. The main technology that makes this possible is called a microbial fuel cell. The fuel cells contain bacteria that feed on dead insects. Every time they are fed they release electrons from the chemical reaction that takes place. These electrons are collected and converted into electricity to power the clock.   Do you know any crazy facts about insects?