Unwanted house guests According to the Michigan State University Extension, insects will spend much of the winter as pupa, larva or an egg. There is however a group that will be adults over winter. These are the critters that will need to find a sleeping location that will stay between 40 – 50 degrees. If they are to survive the winter, they will be back in spring to reproduce and do what they do, BUG. If you were looking for a warm sleeping spot, doesn't the void between the inside and outside of your wall sound inviting? There are many insects that can roam your home and won't cause any damage, unless you smash the bugs yourself. The stains they may cause and stink is another issue. A few possibilities of some house guest you may encounter; Boxelder bug is common in the fall. Western conifer seed bug resembles a stink bug. Asian lady beetle will leave a literal stink when it becomes stress. But who doesn't like lady bugs? Cluster fly is a large in size and a large problem for some areas. They will slowly emerge from your walls as the sun warms the south or western side. Elm leaf beetle is likely to hang out in your attic for its winter naps. For more information on Boxelder bug, western conifer seed bug, Asian lady beetle, cluster fly and elm leaf beetle click here