You will never find more people so enthusiastic about bugs anywhere else other than bug fest, and that is because the Academy of Natural Science really gets some of the best people to help run it. The whole idea of bug fest is to take creepy crawlies and insects that most people might not be too fond of, and show them that these bugs really aren't all that bad. In fact most often the bugs we are afraid of are actually the ones that present no real harm to us. The bug fest focuses on a number of exhibits or games that you can play with an assortment of bugs which include bug racing with beetles and roaches, or live and dead specimen displays. But games and looking at a few bugs isn't all that the bug festival is offering. We also find a number of interesting activities that are aimed for the young kids, such as a bug-based yoga or a bug walk. The point of this festival isn't just to get people to see bugs though. It's all about getting kids interested in these insects so that we end up with adults who actually want to go into fields that deal with these creatures. There is still a lot we don't know about insects, and new species are discovered every day, but if we don't get people interested in the fields around bugs then we won't be discovering anything new. Unfortunately, Bug Fest has passed for this year, but luckily it arrives every year. So if you missed it this time, you can still catch it next year!