When Insects Become Art Most of us take measures to keep pests out of our homes. And it's important to remember that doing so is a job for a professional pest management company. But what if you wanted insects in your home as art? This is a concept five artists have been working on across the country. They have been working with bees, beetles, ants and larvae to create some pretty amazing and creative works of art. And their tactics to create the art is very innovative. For instance, one artist carefully applies paint to the feet of insects and has them walk (or scurry!) across the canvas. Another artist applies pearls to bees, giving them an ornate, almost glamorous look. Perfect for the Queen Bee! Lastly, one artist uses honeycomb to create sculptures; he's even used it to create a world map. We're not sure how much these pieces of art would cost you, but we are assuming it would not be cheap! What do you think? Do you find these works of art beautiful or bizarre? Would you want one in your home? One thing is for sure—it would make a great conversation piece!