Where are the cockroaches hiding? Warm humid places close to food and water are a cockroach's heaven. Those places in the home include kitchens and bathrooms because cockroaches will feed on almost everything. They will eat soap, glue and even toothpaste. They are not however partial to just those areas. Cockroaches are natural born hitchhikers and will take a ride with you anywhere you go. Each female can lay up to 40 eggs, which are enclosed in a protective case. Their reproduction rate fuels the population issues. The female cockroaches can be ready to reproduce in as little as 60 days past birth. The best practice is to control the problem before it occurs. Practice good sanitation throughout the entire home. Keeping a clean kitchen and bathroom, as well as vacuuming your home often are great ways to prevent an infestation. In addition, sealing around utility pipes will help prevent a cockroach infestation. There are some health risks with cockroaches due to their habits of crawling through sewage and other unsanitary areas. After their escapades through your pipes, they often will crawl across food and food preparation areas transferring the germs where they go. In addition, cockroaches produce an allergen that affects those with asthma and who are susceptible to allergies. These symptoms are especially dangerous for children. The best practice is to avoid having an environment cockroaches would enjoy.   For more information on cockroaches, please click here.