Wood, Termites and Lighters Don't Mix Have you ever been out chopping wood only to find a horrible termite infestation? What would you do to try to get rid of them? That is exactly what happened to a young man and his father in East Jefferson on Sunday. The father and son duo were chopping logs together when the son noticed the infestation of termites. What happened next neither of them expected. The son used his lighter in an attempt to try to burn out the termites. Unfortunately, he was also standing in some very dry grass at the time causing a simple burn out to turn into an ignited brushfire that consumed approximately 1/10th of an acre before two separate fire departments were able to put extinguish the fire. East Jefferson Fire Rescue was first on the scene, with neighboring Naval Magazine Indian Island firefighters helping in the attempts as well. Neighbors to the location of the fire site noticed the blaze and a plume of smoke and called 911. With the hard work of these two fire teams, 11 firefighters from Navy, and four extra firefighting trucks, they were able to have the fire put out in approximately 15 minutes. They later overhauled the site. Any time there is a flame near wood and especially if that is also near dry grass, you are asking for trouble! For more information on this termite burnout disaster please click here