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Sprinkler systems are one of the most under maintained components in homes today. The reason is that most of the time they operate while we're still sleeping or just starting our day, so we don't see when they aren't working properly. Like other mechanical systems in your home, your lawn's sprinkler system should be regularly checked and serviced to get the maximum benefits from it.

Here's a handy checklist you should use regularly to keep your sprinklers in proper working order.

  • Check sprinkler heads for an even spray pattern and direction of spray.
  • Check for damaged sprinkler heads and replace them if leaking.
  • Check that valves open and close properly.
  • Check for proper time amounts on your system controller.

Calibrating Your Sprinkler System's Output:

Knowing how much water your system applies over a time period is important in maintaining a healthy, drought-tolerant lawn. To determine how many gallons of water per hour your sprinklers put out, simply place uniform size cans in a straight line from your sprinkler to the edge of the watering pattern.

Turn the water on for 15 minutes and calculate the average depth of water in each can. Multiply this number by four to determine the irrigation rate in inches per hour. Apply between ¾ and 1 inch of water per irrigation.

Irrigation Tips:

  • Make sure your sprinkling system zones apply water uniformly. Don't mix head types or let the reach of two sprinklers overlap excessively.
  • Wait until turf stress symptoms are noticeable before applying water. Watch the grass for a bluish-gray color, folded leaf blades, and/or inability to recover from foot or vehicular traffic.
  • It's important to remember to set your sprinkler system to run early in the morning before grass heats up. Watering your lawn early saves water loss due to rapid evaporation caused by our hot tropical days here in South Florida.

A Green and Healthy Yard:

Maintaining your sprinkler system is an important part of your lawn care, but it is only one of many steps to a green and healthy yard. Hulett Environmental Services offers a full array of lawn pest, plant disease, weed control, and specialized fertilization services to meet your landscape's specific needs.

Just Call Hulett at 1-866-611-BUGS or schedule a FREE in-home evaluation.

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