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Florida friendly plants and trees can transform a space with their character and color. For example, the Maple tree works well in medium or small yards. It's also one of the few Florida trees with leaves that change color! Perhaps the tree most synonymous with South Florida is, of course, the palm tree. The palm tree is one of the most Florida friendly trees, but make sure you know how big it will get! A tree should never overwhelm its space. Give a palm tree good soil and fertilize it about 4-5 times a year. Also, make sure your Florida palm has excellent drainage and don't overwater it.

Florida ornamental care can be simple if you choose well. Most ornamental grasses can thrive in the sun and don't need a lot of water to survive. These rugged ornamental grasses – ranging from red or white fountain grass to the purple-hued muhly grass – grow in a range, anywhere from 3 to 5 feet. Shrub care often hinges on how it's planted in the first place: if you're planting it during the spring or autumn in Florida, be sure to hydrate it very well. Freshly planted shrubs should get 2-3 inches of mulch, but keep the mulch away from the rootball, as it can block rain or moisture.

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