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Pest Control in Florida: Weather and Pest Activity

South Florida is a prime vacation spot for much of the world. Those of us lucky enough to live here count our lucky stars when the rest of the country is knee deep in snow and we're wondering which pair of shorts to wear. Living in South Florida has a down side though: this warm, humid climate that's so welcome in winter, also makes Florida the perfect, year-round breeding ground for pests! Therefore, the constant heat makes pest control in Florida a must.

Why is Our Warm Climate a Pest Paradise?

Many bugs are attracted to heat. Some bugs are amorous and use South Florida's romantic locale as a constant mating season. Other South Florida pests are attracted to warmth because they're on the hunt for moisture of all kinds. Moisture and heat can also help bugs grow and develop at faster rates than during the cooler seasons. While mammals can produce their own heat source, insects aren't able to, and so they thrive in warm tropical environments like South Florida. More heat and humidity equals more bugs, making pest control an important part of everyday life here in Florida.

Most Active Times for Pests.

Even though it is warm to hot all year round in South Florida, the most active times for pests tend to be during the spring and summer months, due of course, to the increased humidity, rain, and warmer temperatures. The hotter and more humid it gets in South Florida the more pests of all kinds are found.

When You Might See Different Types of Pests in Florida.

Various types of ants, including Fire ants, Ghost ants, and White footed ants, come out during the spring. If you've got flowers in your yard, chances are that wasps or bees (active year round) will be drawn to them as temperatures spikes in the summer. Termites and chinch bugs are often most active in the spring. Several different kinds of worms, such as webworms or army worms, may be the most destructive during the spring months. Fleas are the most active in the summer, so keep a careful watch on your four-legged family members from June to August. Ants of all kinds make a showing in the summer, along with many other critters. Certain types of ants and rodents tend to be active in the fall and winter. Termites, roaches, and many other pests are active all year round.

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