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Insect Riddles

From small in size to as big as whoppers, we hop in the grass So we're called...



I'm busy, as busy as can bee, Making honey for you and me. My bumbling cousin is very busy too, But she won't make honey to give to you...



I don't like butter, and I'm not a fly. Whoever named me made a bad try. When I'm not flying up too high, You might chase me when I flutter by...



Deer or horses are not these flies' dish, But they'll bite you too, if they wish....



When a dog gets bit by these, He snaps or bites in hopes to seize, The pest that makes him ill at ease, But with a jump, the insect flees...



A carpenter is very good at building houses made from wood. You may guess, that from our name, We ants can also do the same...