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Vampires among us! "Bed bugs: bloodsucking creatures of the night!"

Since the dawn of civilization there has been a common legend among every culture. There is one terrifying story of sinister creatures that hide in the shadows during the day and stealthily steal into the safest confines of our homes, by night. They exist with one purpose, to feed on HUMAN BLOOD. They have mysteriously returned from perceived annihilation by shear will of patience. At times seemingly invisible, these demonic abominations of nature that can only be sustained through blood feedings. There ARE Vampires among us.

Bed Bug Size ComparisonOver the last 10 years, Bed Bugs have reappeared from what was previously thought to be extinction. They have quickly become the scourge of hoteliers, hospices and homeowners. For years they were presumed to have been eliminated in the "civilized world". Whether due to pervasive pesticide use or advances in sanitation, we were wrong. Bed Bugs are not known to vector disease but remain among the most feared insects in the civilized world. People fear anything that may feed upon them. Bed bugs live in close proximity to the hosts resting areas. In mattress seams, headboards, carpet seams, night stands etc. They are attracted to warm blooded creatures and CO2 expelled as we exhale (for instance as we sleep).

The insidious and subtle way that bed bugs feed on their prey is most disconcerting. Bed bugs inject a numbing agent and an anti-coagulant into their victim at the time of feeding. This evolutionary adaptation is ingenious, in that the victim does not feel the piercing or sucking of the attack and that the blood is thinned to flow more readily. Only about 10% of people even have a reaction to the bed bug bite or have any evidence the attack occurred. So many of us are unknowing victims and even transporters of the pest in or on our clothing and luggage as we travel the world & WORSE, as we return HOME!

Bed Bugs

In today's global marketplace, we have more interaction than ever before, as we grow with remarkable advances in technology, MOST sales are still relationship based and sustained by reputation and performance. If a business were unable to provide the most rudimentary comforts as a clean, safe, comfortable environment for their staff, vendors, patrons and guests, then they would perceived as dirty, inept uncaring, inattentive to details, bush league or whatever negative you can imagine and they would surely fail.

In the modern business arena management and sales personnel in particular need to be global not just in their responsiveness and acumen with electronic media and types of communication, BUT physically nimble and flexible enough to travel on a moment's notice. Though multi-talented, the modern business person tends to be a creature of habit using the same luggage, travelling with similar or same attire and staying at the same hotels. Once bed bugs have established a presence in a facility it is VERY difficult to eradicate them & they capitalize on the habitual nature of man to expand their presence globally.

Bed Bug Propagation ScheduleEXAMPLE: A businessman from Boston travels by train to New York once a week. He packs the same suits, he uses the same luggage, he sits in the same seat, and he stays in the same hotel, eats lunch at the same diner in the same booth, attends the same movie theater and visits his mother in her upscale assisted living facility each week. Once a month he travels by corporate jet to home office in Miami. He stays at the same hotel, eats at the same diner etc….2 months ago he packed a bed bug pair in his luggage in his hotel in New York. IN 45 days a pair of Bed bugs produces over 300 live bed bugs and over 1000 eggs! He has now introduced the parasite to his home, his hotels, 3 cities, trains, planes, restaurants, theaters, his mother's assisted living facility, his executive staff & every person that sits where he sits during his travels! That is 1 person with 1 suitcase! How many travelers are there in New York at any given time and where do they call home?

Hulett to the Rescue!

Hulett is one of a handful of commercial pest control operations offering a wide spectrum of bed bug services including monitoring, preventive and curative solutions. Once a suspected infestation occurs, the Hulett inspectors will thoroughly inspect the area in question as well as the adjacent rooms. Should an infestation occur the inspector will offer a curative program for the affected area, preventive for the adjacent areas and monitoring for the entire facility. Bed Bugs may be re-introduced by anyone at any time. The key is early recognition of a hazard by partnering with hotel staff to vigilantly monitor the entire facility. Secondly, we must employ a preventive options in known, susceptible areas to inhibit an infestation. And finally, curative applications for those areas determined to have an active infestation.

Hotels, hospitals and businesses of any repute are managed and successful based on reputation for providing a safest and enjoyable environment to their patrons. Our society is replete with litigation but few would argue the validity of a claim for emotional or physical distress from an encounter with bed bugs in a commercial facility.

DO NOT let it get that far! Just call HULETT!

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