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Why Choose Hulett?

Whether You Are A Small Business, Manage Multiple Locations, or a Large Facility or Corporation, Let Us Be Your Pest Control Partner. We'll Make Sure Pests Are Not a Problem to Your Business.

Hulett Environmental Services is a 45-year-old pest control company headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida. We are a residential & commercial pest control provider with annual revenue of over 34+ million dollars. We have 300+ employees in 5 branches across South Florida. Though headquartered in South Florida, and only serving South Florida, we still rank among the TOP 25 pest control companies nationally. What is the secret to Hulett's success? It's our Staff! OUR STAFF IS our strength! In a world full of cutting edge technology, voluminous data bases and billion dollar chemical companies, we are a home grown, family owned success story, built on integrity, education and relationships. We ARE experts from the top down!

Commercial Pest Control DivisionOur owner & CEO, Tim Hulett is a former President of the Florida Pest Management Association and a Graduate Entomologist from the University of Florida. Initially Tim ran the fumigation crew for Hulett for over 6 years in the field. He is not a suit & tie owner. In fact, 3 generations of the Hulett family make daily contributions to every aspect of our business. From Guy Hulett, Tim's father and the original founder to Liz (his wife) and two of their children - Randy, Lesley & Katie Hulett, the entire family is deeply involved in the daily financial, logistical, marketing, administrative and operational management of our company.

The "FACE" of our company is Greg Rice – our Marketing Director. Mr. Rice and his brother John are local celebrities, recognized around the world as motivational speakers and as experts at interjecting humor into a very serious subject. They are equally adept at public affairs and media management as well as educating and informing the public, at large, about the specifics of our industry.

Hulett Vice Presidents of Sales & Termite and Vice Presidents of Pest Control & Lawn, Shrub, Tree Care are state-certified operators and industry experts who have each excelled at every level of service delivery in these specialties from field technician and salesman to VP! Our staff further includes 2 Graduate Degree Entomologists, an industry renowned Board Certified Entomologist & trainer, Associate Certified Entomologist, Graduate Degree experts in Occupational Health & Safety, a former Florida Department of Agriculture Inspector and Certified Trainers for both the National Environmental Health Association and the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals. We boast dozens of Certified Operators, an extremely experienced and business savvy cadre of Branch Operations Managers and a staff with unparalleled tenure in this industry. The average Hulett Technician has been with us for over 18 years. The experience, professionalism, intimate knowledge of accounts and understanding of customer expectations is invaluable in an industry that averages under 3 year's tenure.

When protecting your children, the elderly, your pets, your home, your property, your business, your employees, your customers and yourself, do you want a "BUG GUY" or an EXPERT? Don't ask any other questions – JUST CALL HULETT!

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