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The city of Lauderdale Isles in South Florida is home to a variety of pests.
No pest or termite in Lauderdale Isles is a problem for Hulett Pest Control

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Pest & Termite Control Lauderdale Isles, FL

A waterfront south Fort Lauderdale sub-division, Lauderdale Isles attracts many vacationers and residents with its canals offering direct Atlantic Ocean access, via the New River and the Intracoastal Waterway. This beautiful and unique area also attracts termites,fleas, ticks,cockroaches,ants, spiders, rodents, lawn pests, and many other pests that love the waterfront life.

For over 50 years, Hulett’s dedication to serving Lauderdale Isle homes has provided environmentally responsible professional pest control services utilizing our state-of-the-art integrated pest management (IPM) approach. Our experienced, licensed, and certified technicians immediately assess your Lauderdale Isles pest control and termite control concerns. Hulett’s convenient time slots fit into your busy schedule and our technicians are available to inspect your home within 24 hours of calling, texting or emailing us. We know pest issues can be disruptive and we understand the importance of dealing with these invaders as soon as possible, including Saturdays by appointment – as well as any hour of the day or night when you have an emergency.

Hulett guarantees your satisfaction, as your local pest control industry leader, we:

  • Arrive at your home at the scheduled time in Hulett uniforms & in Hulett marked vehicles
  • Dispatch licensed and certified technicians to perform your services
  • Work only with the most current pest control technologies
  • Source quality products for all your pest control needs
  • Always arrive with thoroughly cleaned and calibrated equipment
  • Customize our plans to work within your budget
  • Use environmentally conscious techniques and materials for the safety of your kids and pets
  • Consult with local Entomologists on the Hulett staff for pest identification
  • Address any questions before, after and throughout treatment

Hulett’s process for eliminating pests in Lauderdale Isles

Rapidly assessing any existing pest issues, Hulett prevents future infestations, by creating a pest barrier around your home that keeps pests out. Our technicians work to exclude pests from your home by sealing any cracks, crevices, and holes around your foundation, doors, windows, sewer, drainpipes, HVAC pipes, and any other entryways that pests easily enter your home through. Utilizing our environmentally responsible techniques and materials that consist of low dose baits and gels, Hulett treats any current pest issues, while also safeguarding your loved ones, including your family’s pets.

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At Hulett, we guarantee your satisfaction with our work. For your Lauderdale Isles pest and termite control solutions, contact Hulett to schedule a free pest inspection. Let us pest-proof your home or office.

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