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Pest Control in Miami Gardens

Effective pest control in Miami Gardens and the best termite control in Miami Gardens are essential for home and business owners alike. Home to more than 100,000 residents, the population of the city steadily increases year after year. As part of the Miami metropolitan area, the city's close proximity to the many sights and attractions makes it an appealing home to families. In fact, nearly 3/4 of all housing units in Miami Gardens are comprised of single family homes. As a family-owned business ourselves, Hulett Environmental Services brings more than 50 years of pest and rodent control experience to Miami Gardens.

Home to the Hard Rock Stadium, which is the home turf of the NFL Miami Dolphins and the University of Miami Hurricanes, the Calder Race Course, and the Miami Open tennis tournament, the city is bustling, growing, and full of activity. However, it is also home to the many pests that are native to South Florida. The temperate climate makes Miami Gardens particularly susceptible to insect and rodent infestations.

Hulett Environmental Services is here to help.

Why Choose Hulett?

As Hulett is South Florida born and built, having operated in the region exclusively since our inception, we are the organization of choice for pest control in Miami Gardens. Experts in the unique pest control needs of the city, there is no better company for pest or termite control in Miami Gardens.

Hulett is proud to offer customers:

  • Unparalleled service
  • Trained and certified applicators and pest specialists
  • A Board-Certified Entomologist that will train you on how to use Integrated Pest Management
  • An extensive inspection of your home and property
  • Precise pest-identification
  • State-of-the-art treatment products and methods
  • Treatments that are eco-friendly and will not harm your family or pets
  • A treatment plan based on your home's specific pest problems

Pest Control in Miami Gardens FL

The best pest control in Miami Gardens takes a multi-faceted approach. Here at Hulett, we know that it's essential to treat not just the inside of your home or business, but the outside as well. For this reason, our specialists apply both localized liquid treatments to the places pests are most likely to use as an entryway to your house, as well as baits outside your home to stop them before they even make it to the threshold.

Using this two-fold method has much better results than using just one or the other. It forms the most robust barrier against pests possible, preventing them from making your home their home too.

Hulett pest control in Miami Gardens can treat:

  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Silverfish

If you notice that your property is being swarmed by mosquitoes, affecting your ability to enjoy time outside, Hulett offers additional services to help protect your outdoor space. We can also effectively protect your space from fleas and ticks, which is imperative for pet owners.

Rodent Control Services

No home or business is immune from rodent infestation, as the little creatures like to make their way inside in search of warmth and food. If you have a rodent problem, you'll likely hear them gnawing or scratching away through your walls. You may also notice rat or mouse droppings on floors and windowsills. Even if you haven't spotted one of the pesky creatures yet, if you hear them making their way through your home or notice what you think may be their feces, contact Hulett immediately.

How Hulett treats rodent problems:

  • We will set interior traps
  • We will place bait boxes outside to prevent rodent entry
  • We will implement rodent exclusion techniques

Termite Control in Miami Gardens

Miami Gardens serves as an inviting home to termites. The damp, hot weather the city experiences nearly-year round is the ideal environment for the bugs to feed, breed, and wreak havoc on homes and businesses. And, since there are many species of termites, accurate identification is vital for effective termite control in Miami Gardens.

Termites can cause a large amount of damage in a short time, eating away at wooden beams in your home. Their damage can put the physical stability of your building at risk. Should termites forage their way through crucial support beams, for example, your home may become extremely dangerous and require major, expensive repairs.

Hulett's termite control in Miami Gardens is based on the species found:

Subterranean Termites

  • For subterranean termites, we use a liquid defense system to protect your home and employ a Sentricon baiting system to defeat colonies.

Drywood Termites

  • For drywood termites, we offer a "No-tent" treatment to rid your home of the bugs when possible. While this is always the first choice, so that your family does not have to leave home, we can use tented fumigation as well if it is deemed necessary.

As South Florida is the perfect breeding ground for termites, it is highly recommended that you do everything in your power to prevent an invasion before it begins. That's why Hulett is here to help. We will develop a maintenance plan to treat your home regularly as a preventative measure.

Lawn and Ornamental Services

Did you know that your grass and plants can get sick? That's right; there are lawn diseases in South Florida that can harm your turf, leading to brown, crunchy, dead grass, and necrotic plants riddled with holes. Additionally, invasive insects can eat your plants alive, damaging the landscaping you've worked so hard to maintain. Hulett can protect your lawn and ensure your greenery stays vibrant, luscious, and lively.

Hulett expertly addresses landscaping issues in Miami Gardens, including:

  • Eliminating insects that are feeding off your plants
  • Treating lawn diseases, including the common Brown Patch Fungus
  • Weed control
  • Fertilization for healthy, continued turf growth

Another primary concern among Miami Gardens property owners is fire ant colonies and whiteflies, both of which Hulett can treat effectively.

Free Inspection and Consultation

If you require pest control in Miami Gardens, termite control in Miami Gardens, or believe your landscaping has fallen victim to insect infestation or disease, contact Hulett today. If you aren't sure whether or not you have a pest problem, don't take the chance. Hulett offers entirely free consultations and inspections with no obligation. We do this because we believe in helping families fight pests. A Hulett expert will come directly to your home and provide a thorough evaluation of the space, both inside and out.

From there, we will provide you with an overview of our findings and the recommended course of treatment if pests are present. Hulett proudly serves Miami Gardens and surrounding areas, ensuring all your residential and commercial pest control needs,

Contact Hulett Environmental Services in Miami Gardens today.

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Miami Gardens Pest Activity

Image of Ants


In Miami Gardens, Florida, ants are a nuisance pest year-round since the temperatures never dip low enough to control them. If left untreated, they grow into a colony of thousands searching for food and water sources throughout your home or business to stay warm.

If ants have infested your Miami Gardens home, this could signal other pests will be soon to follow.

Image of Subterranean Termites

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termite swarms are most common in Miami Gardens during spring following rain, but may occur as early as mid-February in Florida. Termites swarm after rain showers which makes this time of year for Miami Gardens homes the ideal breading ground.

Termites can infest your entire Miami Gardens neighborhood as they tunnel from home to home scavenging for food; wood, cellulose and paper. They cause billions of dollars in structural damage each year and none of it is covered by conventional homeowner's insurance! Protect your biggest asset and your neighborhood today!

Image of Drywood Termites

Drywood Termites

Termite swarms are most active in the spring and summer months. However, lack of swarms doesn't ensure your home is termite free. Drywood termites fly into and on structures. Any cracks in the paint on facia or outdoor wood provide excellent access for drywood termites to enter your home.

Termite damage is not covered by homeowner's insurance. They will wreak havoc on your Miami Gardens home's structural soundness, costing you thousands in out-of-pocket expenses. It is vital to take precaution and protect your biggest investment with annual termite inspections.

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