The city of Marco Island in South Florida is home to a variety of pests.
No pest or termite in Marco Island is a problem for Hulett Pest Control

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Pest & Termite Control Marco Island, FL

Hulett Environmental Services: Your Marco Island Pest Control Experts

Marco Island, the largest and only developed island of Florida’s Gulf Coast Ten Thousand Islands, lures a vast number of visitors and residents to this magical, laid-back Florida destination. Also lured to this beautiful, tropical location are household and lawn and garden pests as well as termites that thrive in this natural habitat. Hulett, your local South Florida pest control industry leader, has been serving Marco Island residences for over 50 years, using our environmentally responsible integrated pest management (IPM) approach to pest control.

Because Hulett understands how alarming and frustrating pests can be, we hire local entomologists to identify pests and offer free pest inspections within 24 hours of your contacting us. We know you’re busy so we provide convenient appointment times for your Marco Island pest control concerns, including Saturdays, as well as emergency services, 24/7. Utilizing the most current technology available, our IPM approach uses kid- and pet-friendly materials and techniques, with no smelly sprays that consist of low dose baits and pinpoint treatments.

Our Healthy Home Pest Control Solutions, with Pricing to Fit Your Budget, address:

As your local, preferred pest control professionals, Hulett pledges to:

  • Customize pricing to suit your budget
  • Use safer products for your children and pets
  • Maintain local Entomologists on the Hulett staff to identify pests
  • Always implement the newest technology available
  • Arrive on time, every time in our Hulett signature vehicles and full uniform
  • Only send licensed and certified technicians
  • Use the highest quality products
  • Always use clean and calibrated equipment
  • Address your pest concerns and questions during and after treatment

Our Pest Control Benefits For Your Home

Environmentally Responsible
Graduate Entomologists on Staff
Locations in 12 Florida Counties
Quick Response
No Smelly Sprays Inside
Guaranteed Effective Solutions
Focus on Pest Prevention
24-Hour Service Including Saturdays

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We hope you won’t need us, but this is South Florida, so whenever you need pest control in Marco Island, trust a local leader that’s been ranked as one of the top 20 pest control companies in the country.

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