The city of North Fort Myers in South Florida is home to a variety of pests.
No pest or termite in North Fort Myers is a problem for Hulett Pest Control

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Pest & Termite Control North Fort Myers, FL

The Caloosahatchee River runs from the Gulf of Mexico 67 miles east to the Everglades. Living near a body of water like this causes North Fort Myers residents to deal with many more pests than other areas. But don't worry, Hulett Environmental Services can control and prevent local pests from invading your residential property.

A pest infestation can cause damage to your building and lawn, may cause health hazards for your family and visitors, and can decrease your property's value. Contact us for a free inspection, especially if you already see signs of an intrusion.

As your go-to North Fort Myers pest control service, Hulett promises to:

  • Customize pricing to suit your budget
  • Use safer products for the safety of your children and pets
  • Keep local Entomologists on our staff to identify pests
  • Implement the newest technology available
  • Arrive on time, every time in our well-marked Hulett vehicles and full uniform
  • Dispatch only licensed and certified technicians to perform your service
  • Always use the highest quality products
  • Only use clean and calibrated equipment for your service
  • Support all of your concerns before, during and after treatment

Our Pest Control Benefits for your North Fort Myers home include:

Environmentally Responsible
Graduate Entomologists on Staff
Locations in 12 Florida Counties
Quick Response
No Smelly Sprays Inside
Guaranteed Effective Solutions
Focus on Pest Prevention
24-Hour Service Including Saturdays

Providing the Pest and Termite Control that North Fort Myers Residents Need

South Florida’s consistent rainfall, humidity, and heat create the ideal breeding ground for many insects, such as roaches, ants, and mosquitos. The weather also invites rodents and other pests into homes. Preventing pests from entering your property by preventative maintenance by a professional pest control company is the best way to keep your home pest-free.

Hulett is your one-stop-shop and specializes in many aspects of Pest Control, such as:


These pests chew through your wood, whether cabinets and furniture, attic beams, or a floor joist. This kind of pest issue can cause thousands of dollars in damage and repairs. Termites can live in and under your home. It is very important to hire a professional pest control company that can correctly identify the species of termite and whether they are drywood termites or subterranean termites, because the recommended treatment methods will drastically differ. But don't worry, Hulett inspectors are trained to identify termites, and will recommend the best treatment options for you and your family.


Hulett's preventative pest control can help keep ants from invading your home. Hulett will complete strategic and regimen baiting, and a perimeter treatment near potential entry points to help protect your home. Hulett can also help with fire ants in your yard. These fire ants might not seem like a big threat, but these aggressive ants are known to bite and sting which can cause severe itching and irritation to children and pets.

Bed bug Fumigation

These tiny insects have a big impact on your sleep as they attack and feed on your blood while you lay asleep in your bed, leaving itchy bites. They can multiply and move quickly. Bed bugs live in cracks and crevasses and can be difficult to eliminate unless a professional pest control company is consulted.


These bloodsuckers are a tremendous annoyance when they buzz around your property and cause itchy bites, but they can also be potentially more harmful. Mosquitoes are known to spread diseases such as West Nile Virus, and can make your backyard unbearable. Mosquito control is essential in many parts of South Florida.


Rats and mice can potentially carry mites, lice, fleas and ticks into your home, and infestations and rodent droppings are associated with many potential illnesses. For these reasons, along with causing a foul urine and feces smell and chewing damage, it is very important to address Rodent infestations as quickly as possible.

The Benefits of Hulett Environmental Services

We have services for pest control that North Fort Myers residents can trust since we tailor each plan for the property’s specific needs. Our products are environmentally and pet-friendly, and we use innovative and non-invasive approaches for your convenience. Our technicians are trained to rid your home of ants, roaches, rodents, and even offer mosquito reductions services, too.

When it comes to termite control, North Fort Myers homeowners and property managers often want to avoid tenting their building for fumigation, whether because of the preparation hassle, evacuation required, or the stigma of having the neighbors see your home tented. At Hulett Environmental Services, we offer tent and tentless termite treatments. Tentless treatments save you the bother of packing up and moving belongings as well as relocating.

In addition to pest control, Hulett offers lawn spraying and fertilization services. If your property has brown grass, pale or wilted plants, or weeds in the lawn, you might have diseases or insects sucking the life from your landscape and you could benefit from a professional lawn service. With Hulett taking care of your lawn pest control and fertilization, your yard, turf, lawn, and landscape will look healthy and green.

No matter the bug issue, Hulett is the company to call in North Fort Myers, FL. With the climate of South Florida, chances are that you will need a professional pest control service. For North Fort Myers pest control, trust your local industry leader, who’s ranked in the top 20 pest control companies in the United States, Hulett Environmental Services.

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We sincerely hope you won’t need our services but this is South Florida and chances are, you will. For North Fort Myers pest control, trust your local industry leader, who’s ranked in the top 20 pest control companies in the United States.

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