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Fall Pest Advice

Your Advice for Pests This Fall

The summer rains are finally decreasing and soon the temperature will be cooling down a bit. Insect activity will not be as high as it was in summer, but problems will still arise. It is important to be sure your home is protected.

Ant Rodent

Pest Control

Ants And Rodents Are Active!

Pests such as Ghost ants, White footed ants, Rover ants, Caribbean crazy ants (in South Florida), Carpenter ants, Fire ants, cockroaches, and rodents are common at this time of year.

Keep an eye out for heavy ant trails around the walls, driveways, windows, fences, and throughout the yard. Interior activity will probably be around the kitchen and bathrooms, or near any possible water source.

As plants grow out and touch the side of your house, ants are able to use the tree limbs as a bridge to your home. Trimming new tree limbs and foliage away from the house will help decrease the chance of these pests getting inside.

Check doors, windows, water spouts, and roof edges for any holes. Rodents can get into your home from an opening as small as a quarter. Small droppings that are black to brown and noises in the ceiling at night are signs of a rodent problem.

Checking your home and yard is key to maintaining a pest free environment; Hulett performs a thorough pest inspection during every visit. We utilize the industry's newest methods and prescription treatments.


Termite Control

Swarms Can Still Occur!

Termites are active year-round in South Florida. Native subterranean termite swarms are still occurring, as well as certain species of drywood termites. Dampwood termites also swarm at this time of year, though they tend to not be a problem for homeowners.

Did you know that termites cause over a billion dollars in damage to homes each year? Don't let your home be unprotected! Hulett offers various types of preventive termite treatments with a $1,000,000 subterranean termite damage warranty.

Lawn Pests

Lawn Care

Watch Out For White Grubs!

Grubs are a common problem at this time of year. White grubs, as they are commonly referred to, derive from a beetle and are actually small white larvae. They live in the soil and feed on the roots of your grass. This causes your turf to become thin and loose, and therefore it pulls up very easily.

Fall is the optimum time to apply a balanced fertilizer to prepare for winter. This will help alleviate various stresses associated with the cooler months. It is also a good time to plant winter annuals such as impatiens, geraniums, begonias, petunias, and snapdragon.

Pruning your flowering ornamentals at this time of year is not recommended because the open wounds could encourage cold damage, as well as making it difficult for the plant to recover in time for the spring bloom. However, shaping and selective pruning of your larger trees and non-flowering ornamentals can still be done at this time.

Hulett Environmental Services is a full service pest control company that has been serving South Florida for more than 45 years! Our trained professionals will perform a thorough inspection of your home or office, and then recommend the treatment type that is best for you!

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