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Pre-Construction Pest Prevention

The Pro-Active Pest Solution!

Step 1: All slab penetrations are treated with the latest non-repellent product.

  • The product's transfer effect works on a wide range of insects and provides a long lasting residual.
  • The product is odorless and non-staining.
  • The product's suspension concentrate allows for a longer and more efficient residual.

Step 2: Wall voids are treated with Borate materials and a granular bait is applied.

  • Borate materials are inorganic compounds that have a long lasting effect as opposed to pyrethroid products that have a very short residual effect.
  • A granular bait is also applied in all attic areas before insulation is installed. This provides a treated food source for any intruding pests.

Step 3: The exterior of the structure is treated just before occupancy.

  • A combination of attractant baits and liquid residual sprays are applied around entry points.
  • This step treats pests on the outside before they even have a chance to enter and nest.


  • Protection begins much earlier…during construction.
  • Integrated phases instead of just one treatment method.
  • All critical areas are treated instead of just wall voids.
  • Pests are stopped outside before they have a chance to enter and nest.
  • Allows for pinpoint placement treatments instead of just blind applications.
  • No plastic lines to clog or break, which often happens with "tubes in the wall systems."
  • No deterioration of structural integrity due to installation.
  • No unsightly wall boxes, or patent binding services.
  • Hulett's Healthy Home system is designed by an entomologist, and performed by state licensed pest management professionals.
  • Borate is a natural mineral product that offers longer lasting protection.
  • Liquid materials used produce transfer effect; which means better insect control.
  • Baits provide universal control to a wide range of pests.

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