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Timbor Drywood Termite Pre-Treatment

The Professional and Hassle-Free Choice!

Building codes in South Florida require that all homes and structures be pre-treated for Subterranean termites. However, this treatment does not protect homes from damaging Drywood termites. Hulett Environmental Services can offer your home buyers total coverage with our Timbor Drywood Termite Pre-treatment.

Drywood termites infest the structural timbers of buildings, furniture and other dry timbers having less than 12% timber moisture content. This termite species requires no ground contact and obtains their required moisture intake from the timber they infest.

Prevent the inconvenience!

Drywood termites are not only destructive, but can also be a real hassle. Anyone who has ever had their home tented knows just how much of an inconvenience it can be. You have to move out of your home for a minimum of 2 days, remove all of your uncanned foods, remove plants and flowers, remove cosmetics and medications, risk landscaping and roof damage, disconnect satellites and antennas, and trim trees and shrubs! Hulett's advanced treatment helps to prevent that occurrence.

Hulett's Timbor Drywood Termite Pre-treatment is performed when all mechanicals and framing are in place, and prior to the install of insulation. All wood in the dwelling will receive a complete Timbor spray.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • The under side of the roof deck,
  • Trusses,
  • Framing,
  • Furring,
  • Truss overhang,
  • Sub-fascia 'exterior.

Prevent the costly damage and hassle caused by Drywood termites with Hulett's Timbor Drywood Termite Pre-treatment!

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