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Fire Ant Control

Hulett gets rid of fire ants fast!

Fire Ants aren't native to South Florida, but they've made themselves comfortable in almost every yard or grassy area. This aggressive ant species will attack anything that disturbs their colony. They make no distinction between a natural enemy or a family member, as they rush out, viciously biting and stinging the unsuspecting intruder.

A health hazard to be avoided

A single attack by a red ant may result in dozens or even thousands of stings in an extremely short period of time, and for some people who are allergic, the results from the stings can range from itchy rashes and swelling to paralysis or anaphylactic shock. In a rare case death has occurred from an extensive fire ant attack.

Fire ant colony's destructive behavior & habitat

From yards to farm land, the destructive behavior of a fire ant colony can have a negative impact on animals and plant life. If pets, livestock, and wild life stumble upon a fire ant mound, they are just as susceptible to attack. It takes a lot to feed a hungry colony and fire ants have been known to cause crop damage by "harvesting" seedlings.

The distinctive fire ant nesting mounds have been found in fields, parks, and along parking areas and sidewalks. They can also establish colonies in A/C units, gas and water meter boxes, electrical equipment, and utility housing; and cause further damage when short circuits occur.

Hulett's fire ant control program

Whenever you discover a fire ant mound, take immediate action and Just Call Hulett right away!

The Hulett Fire Ant Program offers both baiting and granular product applications to eliminate this dangerous pest.

If fire ants try to re-establish a colony, they won't have a chance. Hulett will come back and retreat the area at no additional charge — Guaranteed!

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