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With beaches, skylines, green spaces, and neighborhoods accented with a picturesque balance of sunshine and the shade of palm trees, south Florida is practically paradise. That said, there’s nothing like a termite infestation to spell trouble in paradise.

Termites are known to cause over $5 billion in yearly damage in the U.S. To make matters worse, around 30% of the 600,000 U.S. homes that incur termite damage yearly are here in Florida. At Hulett Environmental Services, we’ve seen our fair share of Florida termite troubles in our over 50 years of business. We have developed a termite protection plan to help you defend what is likely your largest investment: your home or commercial building.

To learn more about our annual termite warranty and our included yearly termite inspection and  pest control services, or to renew your existing warranty, just call Hulett! Our pest experts are here to help answer your questions on south Florida termite protection and offer any immediate termite control you need.

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Why a Termite Warranty Is Worth It for Your Florida Home

Wondering whether termite protection is worth it for your Florida home? Due to the prevalence of both subterranean termites and drywood termites in south Florida, the University of Florida, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and our own team advocates for south Florida homeowners to:

  • Renew an annual termite warranty
  • Complete annual termite inspections
  • Consult with a licensed pest control company, like Hulett, regarding termite protection
  • Complete termite-prevention treatments
  • Reduce their property’s termite-conducive conditions

Termite Risks for Residential and Commercial Properties in South Florida

West Palm Beach and several other south Florida cities have been named among the “Top 10 Worst Termite Cities” in the U.S., which is no wonder, considering there are over 20 species of termites established here in Florida, including some invasive species. Plus, any given subterranean termite colony can grow to include thousands (or even millions) of termites.

Clearly, termites have a strong foothold in Florida in general, but what areas of your home are most at risk? Well, just about everything that contains cellulose, like structural wood, flooring, doors, door frames, window frames, baseboards, attics, crawl spaces, walls, furniture, paper, and even trees (that’s right—termites can damage the trees on your property, making them more likely to destroy the rest of your property during storms or high winds). Even homes built on concrete can be susceptible to termite infestations.

To make matters worse, many homeowner’s insurance policies don’t cover severe termite damage, so a termite infestation can put both your investment and your wallet in serious trouble. Fortunately, our south Florida pest control specialists can help you protect them both.

The Hulett South Florida Termite Warranty Plan

Hulett offers annual termite protection plans and a million-dollar subterranean termite damage warranty to south Florida property owners, so you don’t have to stress about the potential of a termite infestation taking down your home or business. Our low-cost annual termite warranty plan is offered with no deductible and is transferable if you sell your home or building.

A Hulett termite warranty is extendable annually for the life of your structure, so you won’t be forced to take on a gap in coverage and risk a costly termite infestation or re-infestation. We also offer complimentary inspections and treatments to keep the termites at bay throughout the year.

Ongoing Termite Inspections and Treatment With Our Green Pest Control

 When you maintain an annual termite renewal with Hulett, you’ll get free annual termite inspections and a free preventive perimeter spray to help safeguard your property from termites. If termites make their way onto your property while your warranty is in effect, the Hulett team will provide people-, pet-, and environmentally friendly termite treatments at no added charge.

Protect Your Largest Investment Today With the Help of Hulett

Here at Hulett, we’re proud to have the opportunity to partner with you to protect your property from Florida’s prolific termites. Along with offering an excellent warranty program, our expert pest control specialists, who are trained by board-certified entomologists and versed in all things south Florida pest control, can come in to identify, prevent, and control termites using safe, effective methods. Our team even carries out pre-construction preventive termite treatments.

Ready to renew your annual termite warranty, or want to learn more about getting a protection plan set up for your property? Just call Hulett!

FAQ About Termite Renewals and Warranties

While the decision to start a termite protection plan is ultimately yours, we highly recommended that Florida property owners invest in low-cost protection plans to mitigate the risk of highly costly future termite damage, especially given the prolificacy of termites in Florida. As a common south Florida expression goes, “There are two kinds of homes in Florida: homes that have termites and homes that will.”

Additionally, termite prevention is advisable for Floridians because most homeowner’s insurance will not cover severe termite damage, as many policies deem it to be preventable. Transferable termite warranties, like Hulett’s, can also be an asset during the sale of your property.

Our termite warranty plans are offered at low-cost within our south Florida service areas. After the cost of any necessary initial termite treatments, annual warranty renewal costs will be variable depending on the size and features of your property. Just contact the Hulett team for a termite warranty cost estimate.

Here in Florida, there’s essentially no offseason for termites. They never sleep and are foraging 24/7/365, so year-round protection is your best plan when it comes to managing the risks of termite damage. At Hulett, our termite warranties are offered on a yearly basis, so you’ll only need to renew once a year by getting in touch with our team. Our warranties are transferable for those considering selling their home or commercial property during the protection period.