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Protecting Your Reputation with Hulett’s Commercial Pest Control

Choosing a pest control service for your facility is an important decision. Pests can cause unsanitary conditions; turn patrons away, harm reputations and even result in fines from regulatory agencies. Hulett Environmental Services understands that you are concerned about your reputation and image and it is crucial that your pest control service protects your business as well as your good name.

Whether your facility is large or small, Hulett Environmental Services Commercial Pest Prevention division is trained and equipped to handle any pest problem!


Bed Bugs: Creatures Of The Night!

Since the dawn of civilization, there has been a common legend among every culture. There is one terrifying story of sinister creatures that hide in the shadows during the day and stealthily steal into the safest confines of our homes, by night. They exist with one purpose, to feed on human blood. They have mysteriously returned from perceived annihilation by shear will of patience. At times seemingly invisible, these demonic abominations of nature that can only be sustained through blood feedings…There ARE Vampires among us.

Bird Control Services

Most people think of birds as beautiful and free in their ability to soar above the earth and gently touchdown wherever their hearts desire. Truth is, birds are wild animals and they can become a nuisance when they decide to take up residence on or in your building or business. Birds also present significant negative publicity, health risks & costs to your business; in spite of their public acceptance.

Bird control measures should be left to the professionals – laws and local ordinances are often changed to protect certain wildlife species, and harming nuisance birds may put a business owner at risk of fines or legal trouble.







Company Image:

Pest birds on a ledge of your business structure or bird droppings covering a sidewalk in front of your business, droppings running down a wall or signage give the impression of unsanitary, run down facilities. Nesting materials can short circuit your signage. Poor or shorted-out signage will hurt customer advertising exposure. This can also signify to your customers that you are not concerned about their health and well-being.

Health Risk:

Pest bird droppings and nesting material can carry over 60 different transmitted diseases. Some examples are Histoplasmosis, Sarcosporidiosis, Listeriosis, Salmonella, Bird Flu, and Meningitis. These ailments can be life threatening to the very young, the elderly or those with depleted immune systems. In addition to these serious conditions, accumulations of droppings can be very slippery and result in accidents to patrons or staff.


Cleaning up on a daily or weekly basis leads to wasting money and exposing employees to health risk. If you calculate the time, materials, supplies and the work your staff is NOT doing – the cost can be huge. The potential cost of accidents is HUGE with respect to workman’s compensation costs and potential law suits. Bird droppings are also very acidic and will corrode building materials. Without a proper solution, restoration or complete replacement may be needed. Dropping and nesting material can clog drains causing damage during heavy rains. Bird droppings can also damage and contaminate products, causing businesses to shut down.

The great news is that Hulett Environmental Services offers many proactive humane ways to protect your property, employees and customers. There are physical deterrents: used to physically block birds out or from landing on specific areas, which include spikes, netting, electric track and bird slope. Visual and sound deterrents, which utilize bird’s visual and audio senses, include flash Tape, bird diverters and sonic bird repellers. Bird repellents and repellers such as using the birds sense of touch, taste and smell to deter them from the area.

Hulett will send a trained professional to survey your property and provide solutions to meet your needs and your budget—Free! Want to protect your employees and customers health & well-being? Want to protect your company’s image and bottom line? Just Call Hulett!

Fly Control Services

Are You Aware of the Many Diseases a Fly Can Carry?

Flies, with good reason, are considered among the most vile and disgusting of creatures. Often portrayed in cinema to signify death, disease or putrid, decaying foulness, these are exactly what flies gravitate toward and congregate around. Flies are often an annoyance to customers and staff; they signal unclean conditions to health inspectors and auditors and can attract unwelcome negative attention from the media.

Flies are also the single greatest transmitter of disease in the world. Flies are known to transmit such life threatening diseases as Staphylococcus, Shigella, Salmonella and E-Coli 0157-H7. They can also transmit Rickettsia, Viruses, Protozoa and Worms. Each time a fly lands it immediately defecates and regurgitates an enzyme (volidrop) and part of its stomach content to dissolve food. A flies’ gut is a caldron of over 33 million bacteria percolating in their stomach. If a fly deposits just 1 bacterium on a piece of food, within 24 hours it will multiply to over 280 TRILLION bacteria – FAR MORE than necessary to cause food poisoning.

Flies Are Also Prolific Breeders And Some Can Lay 30-100 Eggs Which Hatch In Less Than 48 Hours.

Beginning with an intensive inspection of your facility, your Hulett Technician will work closely with you to develop a strategy to identify contributing factors to any potential problem and provide you with a recommendation on modifying the habitat to make it less hospitable to flies. Next, your Hulett Technician will work together with you to determine what mechanical devices and what material applications are best designed for an EFFECTIVE & DISCREET control program specifically developed with respect to your operational and aesthetic business model.

Your action plan will remain a fluid and living strategy designed to be flexible within the parameters of your budget and your physical growth as a successful business. Your patron’s enjoying their experience at YOUR business is our passion; your staff’s enjoyable working environment is our business. If you need legal advice – you hire an expert legal consultant. If you need tax assistance you hire an expert Tax consultant. If you value your reputation, your customers, your staff and your business – HIRE AN EXPERT PEST CONTROL PROFESSIONAL CONSULTANT!

For all of these reasons, you need an expert professional consultant to assist you in protecting your patrons, your staff and your products from contamination by these relentless and ubiquitous pests. Hulett has a team of experts, well versed in habitat modification, the use of cutting edge technologies and employment of effective & modern materials that will provide a multi-tiered defense strategy against flies.

Environmentally Responsible Commercial Pest Management

Our environmentally sensitive programs focus on protecting your employees, customers, and the environment. Hulett utilizes the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy meaning we never just “spray baseboard” or perform blanket applications in your facility. IPM calls for communication and inspection first, then utilization of all the most modern treatment methods available to us only if a problem is detected. We then strategically apply state-of-the-art, low dose, pinpoint placement treatments to prevent pests from entering your business!