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Common Florida Outdoor Pests

There is no doubt that South Florida is a tropical paradise. Our lawns and yards are full of exotic tropical plants, beautiful palms and lush green grass. Lawns and yards in South Florida provide an oasis for most homeowners and their families. But families aren't the only ones who enjoy the tropical outdoors. Florida, given its year-round heat and humidity, is also home to numerous types of outdoor pests.

Among the common kinds of Florida outdoor pests are chinch bugs, which can cause major plant damage. Whiteflies often attack and even kill ficus trees and hedges by feeding on the undersides of leaves. They've become a major part of Florida yard pests and can cause plant leaves to yellow or drop off entirely, often covering the plant with flocculent, a white sticky material.

Pink hibiscus flowers may be lovely in your yard, but pink hibiscus mealybugs can seriously injure and attack host plants. Fire ants can cause major crop damage, and they're also dangerous for people or pets; their bites can range from merely painful to potentially fatal. Some of these Florida pests are only active during certain seasons, but many can be active all year round: your lawn pest control plan should be too. Need protection from these common types of outdoor pests? Just Call Hulett Today!

Common Florida Garden Pests

Whether you've planted a flower garden or a vegetable garden, garden pests can endanger your hard work. Among the many kinds of Florida garden pests are armyworms, which are attracted to the heat. They're also attracted to different kinds of veggie crops, including corn, peas, and tomatoes. Whiteflies, which look similar to moths, can quickly overwhelm plants, causing leaves to drop off.

The Beatles were a fantastic band, but finding beetles in your garden isn't music to anyone's ears! There are many types of beetles, including the Japanese beetle and the red flour beetle, and several of these beetles can pose a threat to the health of plants, certain types of vegetable gardens, and even garden grass.

Fire ants are frequently found in Florida gardens, and fire ant bites have been known to even cause allergic shocks in some. While mulch is an excellent way to save water and discourage weeds, an overabundance of mulch can be an accidental home for Florida garden pests. Need protection from these common types of garden pests? Just Call Hulett Today!

Chinch Bug

Chinch Bug.

Spiraling Whitefly

Spiraling Whitefly.

Fire Ants

Fire Ants.

Slugs and Snails

Slugs and Snails.

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