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Like many homeowners, a healthy and green lawn is probably top of your priority list. Luckily, at Hulett Environmental Services, we provide lawn care services on top of pest control treatments. From fertilizer treatments to weed control, we have solutions to keep your lawn healthy, pest-free, disease-free, and set to thrive year-round.

Types of Grass in Florida

Common grasses found in Florida include Bermuda, zoysia, ornamental, St. Augustine, and bahiagrass. While there are many different types of Florida grasses, our team at Hulett has the tools and expertise to treat and maintain the specific grass types on your lawn. Plus, with our expertise in pest control, we can keep plant and grass-destroying and nuisance pests off your lawn, too.

Lawn Destroying Pests in South Florida

Turf-eating pests have no business destroying your property. Chewing on grass and roots, these pests can leave holes in your grass, destroying your property’s curb appeal. You may have also noticed spiders in your grass, which can be a sign of another pest infestation and leave you feeling unsettled.

Chinch Bugs

Chinch bugs are smaller insects, ranging from 1/8 to 1/6 inches in length. However small they may be, these bugs are no doubt mighty. Chinch bugs can cause extensive damage to your lawn quickly. They can be identified by their black bodies with white triangular shapes on their wings. If your lawn has been infested with chinch bugs, there will be patches of yellow or wilted grass across your yard.

Grub Worms

Grub worms are the larval or premature stage of several kinds of beetles and chafers. These insects can cause substantial damage to your lawn and grass as they feed on grass roots. However, the healthier the grass, the more tolerant it is to grub feeding.

Lawn Spraying and Fertilization Services

Maintaining a landscape can be a lot of work. The responsibility doesn’t stop at planting your plants or trees. It’s also important to maintain a watering schedule, prune your plants, and fertilize them often. Additionally, for lawn care, it’s important to keep up with the health of your lawn even when the grass is dormant. Weeds tend to pop up when your grass is damp and if insects are present. Keep your lawn weed and pest-free with Hulett!

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Take Control of Your Lawn Back With Hulett

Taking care of your landscape doesn’t have to be a hassle. Our team at Hulett is here to help treat any turf-eating pests and shrub-eating bugs in your lawn, clean up weeds, prevent them from returning, and fertilize to make your landscape lush and green. Weeds and insects can have major effects on the health of your lawn. However, with fertilization and lawn care services at Hulett, you can enjoy peace of mind with a pest-free yard and property.