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You have a choice when it comes to South Florida home pest control services and when unwelcome pests invade your home, just call Hulett to the rescue! We've been in business more than 50 years, operating exclusively in South Florida. That means that we know what residential pest control problems arise most frequently, as well as how to effectively eradicate them and prevent them from recurring in the future.

Throughout South Florida, every day more families have discovered that having a Hulett Healthy Home is the best way to protect their homes, families, and pets from undesirable, invasive South Florida pests. When it comes to pest control, South Florida homes require a special approach. Due to the warm temperatures and damp climate, many pests love to make their homes inside houses and property. Don't let these pests invade your space. Hulett Environmental Services is here to help.

The advanced Hulett Environmental Services Healthy Home Program is designed to help you keep your family and the environment protected. By using Pet Friendly and environmentally responsible pest control materials and methods, Hulett helps maintain all the comfortable living spaces both inside and outside your home.

Home and business owners of South Florida should be aware of the many different types of pests that can invade a structure or property and potentially cause damage, illness, and injury or irritation to humans and pets alike.

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Hulett's Home Pest Control

Every Hulett employee treats your home as if it was their own. With their extensive experience, they take all the necessary precautions to strategically place the pest control materials in and around the living areas. By creating and then maintaining a protective barrier, they shield your family from the invasive and potentially harmful pests that may try to invade your home all year round. And Hulett doesn't just offer Pest Control Services, we are your one-stop-shop for Termite Control and Lawn Spraying & Fertilization too!

Ants, cockroaches, spiders, and many other pests are never welcome in a Hulett Healthy Home — Guaranteed or your money back!

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With so many different types of pests out there trying to invade your space, it's good to know that you can rely on the professionals at Hulett to protect your home, family, and pets!

There are countless other benefits to choosing Hulett Environmental Services as your pest control company of choice. Not only are inspections always FREE without any obligation, but we also provide advice online. You can head on over to our "Ask the Expert" portal and upload any pictures you may have of areas in question. If you suspect that an area of your home is damaged due to pests, or are wondering what that bug you have never seen before is, simply upload a picture to the portal and our Entomologist will get back to you shortly. This makes the home pest control process even easier than before.

Pet-Friendly Pest Control

At Hulett, we know that pets are part of the family, so we treat them as such. This is one of the many reasons we take pride in our training and procedures, and use family, pet and environmentally friendly products. Set your worries aside, we use strategies and pest control treatments that are pet friendly.

Green & Organic Pest Control Solutions

At Hulett, we understand the importance of being environmentally responsible, and we understand that South Floridian's are looking for an Integrated Pest Management approach that focuses their efforts on inspection, finding harborage areas, food and water sources, and finding the specific areas or nests where the insects are hiding. Our certified applicators are trained to inspect, identify the specific pests, and make direct treatments with pest-specific products to where the insects originate...outside. At Hulett, we use green and organic home pest control methods, and will focus our eradication efforts on the exterior. By utilizing a combination of liquid repellents and exterior baiting, Hulett can protect your home from invasion and decrease the pest pressure by supplying an external food source that will also help control the colonies.

The Hulett Environmental Services Process

At Hulett Environmental Services, our home pest control service is targeted and individualized for your home and property's unique needs. When you schedule a FREE inspection with Hulett, we will have a pest control expert arrive at your home at a time that is convenient for you to provide a comprehensive inspection.

Our pest control experts will examine:

  • The inside of your home, looking for signs of pest droppings, nests, and damage.
  • Common entry points for pests, such as doors, windows, and base boards.
  • The exterior of your home, including the foundation around your house, the patio, any exterior dwellings such as standalone sheds, and more.
  • Various elements around your property, such as landscape and ornamental greenery, turf, standing water, wood collections, and more.
  • Your gutters, flower beds, garage, and more.

Interior Residential Pest Control

Hulett's interior home pest control consists of several elements. First, we inspect your home to look for signs of infestation or damage. Once we spot the problem our trained inspectors, with the support of a board-certified Entomologist, will correctly identify the pest so that we can develop an appropriate treatment plan.

Our trained and certified applicators will visit your home and treat target areas where pests commonly nest, feed, and enter your house. If any pests are visible to the eye, such as spiders, we will treat them on sight and brush down cobwebs. If other insects are found, Hulett will place an emphasis on baits and gels on the interior to control these pests, though making precise spray applications may be needed for larger infestations.

Exterior Residential Pest Control

At Hulett, we offer a unique exterior residential pest control service. Our exterior service consists of treatment to the perimeter and to common insect entry points of the home. These ares are targeted by our certified applicators with an advanced repellent product that will deter insects from invading from the outside. We will also utilize insect bait on the exterior to provide an external food source. This will remove the incentive for insects to invade homes looking for food, and also helps to control their colonies on the outside, without becoming infested. Lastly, pesky spiders will be webbed down with a treated brush.

Not only do we treat target areas where common pests may be making their way into your home, but we also identify items and areas that may be attracting the pests in the first place. This may include standing water that is collecting around your property, vegetation overgrowth, piles of wood, exterior lights, and more. Our applicators will make suggestions to homeowners for tips and tricks to perform that will help reduce pest pressure and prevent them from returning in the future.

Termite Control

Effective termite control is essential for home and business owners in South Florida, which poses the perfect environment for termites to thrive, but treatment doesn't have to be inconvenient for you and your family. At Hulett Environmental Services, our board-certified Entomologists will identify which species of termite is infesting your home.

For drywood termite control, Hulett Environmental Services offers a No Tent Termite Treatment option, which is an alternative to tenting that allows you to stay in your home. It's discrete, convenient, family, pet and eco-friendly, and most importantly, effective. But, we also provide termite tenting services when appropriate. For subterranean termites, Hulett offers a state of the art colony elimination termite baiting system, or our advanced liquid defense treatment which creates a protective barrier around your home from subterranean termite.

Our Service Areas

Hulett Environmental Services is the South Floridian pest control service of choice. We have offices in major metropolitan areas so that we can dispatch expert technicians and applicators to your home or business in a timely manner. Our locations include our corporate office in West Palm Beach, as well as offices in Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and Port St. Lucie.

Whether you are on the East coast or the West coast of South Florida we can effectively treat your home or business, protecting you against insect infestations, pest invasions, and providing premier lawn care services. Not only will we treat any existing issues but we will also help develop a preventative maintenance plan and provide comprehensive education on pest prevention to keep your property protected all year-round.

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When it comes to pest control, South Florida homes require a specialized approach developed by true experts in the field. Hulett Environmental Services are the experts to call when you're in need. Additionally, if you haven't experienced a pest problem yet, it's best to give us a call now. We can help develop a treatment plan to keep your home pest-free.

To schedule a FREE residential pest control inspection, with no obligation, contact Hulett Environmental Services today.

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