New White-Winged Moth A new moth with immaculate white wings was discovered recently in Florida. It prefers drier habitats such as the sandhills of the peninsula of Florida. So far it is only known to eat the evergreen sand live oak. At first it was mistaken for other moths with pale whitish wings, but upon further inspection scientists noticed that this moth's forewings are immaculately white. Its hindwings are a pale grey, and it is not spotted, unlike its close relatives. Its pale white color reveals its habitat preference. The moths' white wings are meant to blend in with the sandy areas prevalent in the Florida peninsula, as well as other dry habitats containing sandy deserts. While the moths' preference for drier climates is unique among moths and butterflies, it is quite common in other insects and spineless animals. Have you spotted this beautiful white-winged moth? Why do you think it prefers to live in drier areas, unlike most moths and butterflies?