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7 Things You Need to Know About Tenting a House

Termite tenting is something all South Floridians know about, or will know about, but no one wants to deal with. Fumigation can be costly, and the inside and outside preparation that is required is quite the burden. Not to mention, you and your family will have to evacuate for a number of days. So why would anyone ever fumigate? Well unfortunately for South Floridians, sometimes it is the only option to control pests like drywood or even subterranean termites in some instances. In the South Florida climate, these pests are far too common. So if you don’t have first hand experience yet about the decision to tent, chances are you will.

While termite tenting is usually a last resort for pest infestations, and Hulett offers other alternatives, such as a no-tent solution, it is also something that sometimes cannot be avoided. If your pest control expert has told you that tenting is in your future, then you are probably overwhelmed at the thought of all the work that needs to be done. So here are some things that you need to know about how fumigation works, including what to expect in terms of preparation, evacuations, cost, and other FAQs.

And don’t worry, even though fumigation is most homeowner’s last resort, Hulett has you covered if you don’t have any other option. Hulett Environmental Services is a family owned and operated pest and termite control company that has experience in fumigation for 3 generations, and is the leading pest control company in South Florida for over 50 years. You can trust Hulett to take care of your home as if it were our own. Our team is educated and trained on an ongoing basis to make sure they are ready to provide you with premium service. Our top priority is making sure you are fully satisfied by eradicating your home from the infesting bugs.


Unfortunately, termite tenting is not something a homeowner is able to do themselves. This is definitely one area that needs to be left to the professionals. Tenting a house for termites is something that can only be done by a professional. Structural fumigation takes specialized equipment and many years of experience to be done right. So if you notice any signs of Drywood termites, make sure to call Hulett right away. Hulett will complete a thorough inspection, identify exactly the infesting insect, and discuss with you and your family the recommended treatment method. Hopefully fumigation is not required, but if it is, Hulett will discuss with you all the preparations that need to be done so you feel more comfortable with the process. If you are unsure that what you are seeing is termites or not, don’t worry, our inspections are free of charge and no obligation.

Inside Prep Work for Tenting Is Extensive

Whether you are tenting a house for termites, the work that goes into preparing your house to be fumigated is extensive. There is more to it than simply getting you and your kids and pets out of the house for a few days. For example, house plants need to be moved out temporarily. You’ll need to make sure that the doors in your house, big and small, are open, including cabinets, drawers, closets, and appliances. You also need to get all of your food, drinks, and medicines that are not factory sealed and remove them from the home or double-bag them with approved bags. You’ll need to make sure that all of your appliances are off, arrange for gas to be turned off, and make sure that any pilot lights are out. I know this sounds like a lot, but don’t worry, if you absolutely need to fumigate, than Hulett will go over a prep sheet with you line by line and make sure you are prepared.

Prep Work is Extensive Outside, too

Although the fumigant product is going to be introduced into the inside of your home, there is a lot of preparation that needs to be done on the outside, too. The exterior needs to be prepped to make sure that the tent forms a tight seal with the ground, making sure the termites are killed. This means that you’re going to need to make sure that you prepare the landscaping that sits close to your home. You’ll need to trim things back like bushes and trees, and rake back rock or mulch so that their is a clear area of at least a foot away from the structure so the tent can be dropped down and create a good seal with the ground. Roof attachments like lightning rods, projecting exterior lights, and satellite dishes will need to be removed, as well. And although our team of professionals takes great care when fumigating your home, because of the nature of the work, sometimes their can be some damage to gutters, roof tiles, etc.

The Cost to Tent a House for Fumigation

One of the most pressing questions often on the minds of customers is regarding the cost to tent a house for termites. While the cost of preparing your home for fumigation is one thing to consider, the cost of the actual process is important as well.

The cost to tent a house for fumigation will depend on several factors. Tent fumigation cost may vary depending on things such as how large your home is, how many stories you have, and if there are other outside dwellings such as a standalone garage or shed that requires tenting too. The type of construction of your home will also impact the cost. What material is the framework of your home made of? Additionally, professionals will need to inspect and properly identify the insect that is causing the damage, because each insect requires a different and specific amount of product to be controlled. The cost to tent a house for termites, for example, may be different than the cost to tent for another type of infestation. This means that generally, each home will have a different cost of tenting and fumigation, so a thorough inspection by a company you can trust is very important.

More Frequently Asked Questions

Other common questions that homeowners have regarding tenting a house for termites and other pests include “how long does fumigation take?” and “what steps must I take before and after the tenting process?” At Hulett Environmental Services, our trained and certified applicators and technicians will thoroughly review a plan specific to your house and property so you know precisely what to expect.

How Long Does Fumigation Take?

As homeowners must relocate for the duration of the process, many want to know how long fumigation takes. Like pricing, how long it will take to tent your house depends on several factors, such as the target pest and what type of insulation do you have installed in your home. But generally, the process in entirety requires 3 or more days that you will need to be out of the home.

How to Prepare for Tent Fumigation

It’s common to wonder how to prepare for tenting a house for termites or other infestations. In addition to answering the question of “how long does fumigation take?” which is crucial when securing temporary living arrangements, we suggest homeowners take these ten steps to prepare for the process.

  1. Ensure your pets have somewhere to stay for the duration of the process as well, either with you or at a boarding facility.
  2. Remove or double-bag any food products from the home that aren’t factory sealed.
  3. Remove any medications from the home, including over the counter medicines and prescriptions.
  4. Turn the gas line to your house off the day before fumigation begins. Contact the gas company to arrange this.
  5. Remove pet food and pet toys from the house.
  6. Remove or open any plastic mattress and furniture covers.
  7. Remove any indoor plants, as well as cut back plants that are outside and may be covered by the tent during fumigation. Outside plants that cannot be moved or cut back should be watered the day before fumigation.
  8. You will need to allow room around the perimeter of your home to secure the fumigation tent–you may need to trim shrubs and trees that are close to your house to ensure this is possible.
  9. Since you will be evacuated, be sure to pack everything you need from your home because you will not be allowed back into the home until the process is complete.
  10. Try not to worry, Hulett has your back.


So if you see signs of termites or wood boring beetles like frass, pellets or powdery dust, call Hulett right away before any more damage to your home is done by the wood destroying organisms. Hulett will do a thorough inspection and let you know what to expect, and if fumigation is needed. Find out how much it will be to tent your house when you schedule a FREE inspection by Hulett Environmental Services. A certified pest and insect specialist will arrive at your property to evaluate your home, let you know what to expect, walk you through the process, and provide you with a custom quote. No one wants to have to deal with termite tenting, but you can rest assured if you Just Call Hulett!