Healthy Green: Tricks and Tips for Healthy South Florida Lawns

Healthy Green: Tricks and Tips for Healthy South Florida Lawns

Floridians love their lawns and South Florida’s lush, green manicured landscapes are some of the finest in the country.  With the area’s warm, humid climate, maintaining a healthy, attractive lawn may seem to some homeowners like a “set it and forget it” project, after the initial planting. Well, yes, if your intention is to offer a turfgrass buffet to a number of known lawn and landscape pests. Miami-Dade, Broward, Collier, Monroe and Palm Beach Counties are not only inviting to many people, the sub-tropical climate makes life good for:

  • Chinch bugs who like to extract the juice from grass blades
  • Mole crickets who like to tunnel through your lawn, uprooting grass and drying out the root system
  • Sod webworms, who feast on grass, as larvae
  • Aphids and whiteflies who feed on ornamental plant leaves
  • Fire ants that build unsightly mounds in your yard and expose your family to attack by these aggressive ants.

Pest control is just a part of the solution to a healthy and happy lawn

On top of getting pests under control, you need to know when to water and how much fertilizer to use for different types of turfgrass, in order to establish a strong and healthy root system, and on and on, it’s exhausting. However, hope awaits at Hulett, where exceptional lawn care is our passion.

Like all living things, a beautiful, healthy lawn takes some good old-fashion work, informed watering and mowing practices and usually the help of a respected, lawn care professional. At Hulett, we’ve been helping local homeowners keep their yards in great shape for over 45 years.  Family owned and operated, with CEO, Graduate Entomologist, Tim Hulett calling the shots, our continuously trained staff, state of the art equipment and environmentally responsible methods and treatments make sure your lawn is at the top of its game, year-round.

Hulett takes your lawn to heart with exceptional standards and practices

Hulett’s Healthy Home is designed to repair any existing lawn problems and proactively addresses any new issues before they become problems. Our professionals know South Florida’s variety of pests and the appropriate treatment for each one. We study the life cycles, habits and behavior of pests and apply specific treatments for different types of pests. Equipped with the latest training and the most effective products, we emphasize precision in applications, adhering to industry standards.

  • We exercise stringent cleaning protocols in our equipment, using dedicated sprayers, reels and pumps for each separate lawn or shrub treatment, to safeguard against cross-contamination and the potential incompatibility of treatments. Starting each day with clean water and a clean mixing tank, eliminates any chances for cross-contamination. We start each day with a clean mixing tank and a 600-gallon fresh water holding tank. At the end of each day, we flush any leftover product and start fresh the next day.
  • We calibrate our equipment twice a month to ensure accuracy and monitor calibrations daily.
  • Our professionals use reference sheets that provide precise prescriptions for proper mixture of treatment and water flow amounts.
  • Our high-pressure water nozzles, unlike the shower head sprayers other pest control companies use, with their spray wands gets right down to business, with product reaching down beyond the thatch to nourish and defend your grass roots, at three times the volume of product penetration.

At Hulett, we constantly train and update our staff on industry innovations and the latest breakthroughs and treatments for your lawn, shrubs, florals, trees and other landscape plants. Our professionals are adept at customizing your lawn care services for specific pests and nourishment needs.

Hulett emphasizes its environmentally responsible stance

At Hulett, we focus on environmentally responsible treatments and methods, to keep your lawn and landscape plants protected, as well as your pets and your human family. Our technicians are skilled in using many nontoxic alternative methods to eliminate lawn pest infestations. Among these techniques, disrupting pest life cycles, modifying pest habitats, excluding pests and strategic bait placement excel where smelly sprays and chemicals can be ineffective and unpleasant.

We stand by our work:  Satisfaction guaranteed!

We guarantee our work and it shows! We will return to resolve any lawn care issue with your yard at no extra charge. Hulett understands your lawn care needs and we make your lawn care needs our priority. We promise to respond within a 24-hour period, or less should a problem with your lawn arise. Your lawn will be nourished and protected from lawn and plant pests, 24/7. Your lawn deserves our Healthy Home Services. Contact us today to set up a free lawn analysis and to take advantage of our $50 off Lawn Care offer.