Jennifer Angus, the artist, believes that all insets are beautiful and admires their diversity, which is why she created an art installation featuring 5,000 of them! The insects, which cover the walls, are arranged in eye-catching patterns. The installation is in Washington, D.C's Renwick Gallery. Angus hopes that through this installation she is able to raise awareness about insect conservation and biodiversity. Most of the insects (not endangered) used come from a specimen dealer in Southeast Asia. The insects are all apart of Angus' personal collection of which she has collected for the last two decades. All the insects have not been altered or re-colored in any way. Her goal is to motivate and remind people that will habitats around the world are under attack. She says that is important to note that even though insects are small there importance should not be forgotten. "I hope that my exhibition will get them excited and perhaps they will be motivated to get involved with one of the many of the rainforest preservation projects out there. I would also like people to think about their own environment and behavior. How is urban and suburban encroachment affecting wildlife big and small in your neighborhood?" Overall its important to note that insects are an essential part of our ecosystems. And if Angus' installation allows some to look at bugs in a different way and consider the bigger picture then it will have been a worthwhile endeavor. Of you are ever in the area, you can visit Angus' "In The Midnight Garden" room, part of the "Wonder" exhibition, which runs until July 10, 2016.