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Identifying Common Weeds in Your South Florida Lawn

View of a typical southern florida lawn in early afternoon, showing houses, trees, and lawn.

How To Get Rid of Common Weeds in Florida

Are you constantly battling weeds in your Florida lawn? Well, you’re not alone. Homeowners often search Google for answers, trying to identify weeds in their yard, only to be bombarded with a seemingly endless list.

This is every homeowner’s nightmare, but fear not. Let Hulett Environmental Services help you reclaim your green landscape today. We’ve created a guide to help you identify common weeds in Florida. We also offer complete lawn spray services throughout Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, and beyond. Just call Hulett!

Identifying Common Weeds in Florida

With over 50 years of experience in south Florida, Hulett Environmental Services is your trusted source for weed identification and treatment. If weeds have invaded your property, there’s a good chance they’re one of the following. If not, no worries. Hulett offers free home and lawn inspections to review the best treatment so your yard becomes the envy of the neighborhood.


Dollarweed features round, scalloped leaves the size of silver dollars and thrives in moist conditions, often signaling excessive moisture. Adjusting irrigation and improving drainage can help control it, but professional weed control is crucial for effective yard maintenance.

Natural close-up on the round-leaved pennywort marsh plant.
Natural closeup on the round leaved pennywort marsh plant, Hydrocotyle vulgaris, at the border of a pond

Florida Pusley

Florida pusley blooms like snowflakes in winter, spreading rapidly via wind or mowers. Its blooms produce many seeds, which allows it to spread quickly and easily. Having just one plant can lead to a total yard takeover, as this weed can survive even the driest conditions.


Sedges typically have a grass like appearance with long, narrow leaves and triangular stems, forming clusters in wet areas. Sedge control is not a DIY project to try, as sedge is known for its rapid growth and resilience to environmental conditions. Instead, focus on avoiding overwatering and proper mowing and consult with the experts at Hulett.


Crabgrass, recognizable by its low, spreading growth and wide leaves resembling crab legs, poses a significant challenge in south Florida lawns. Winter lawn discoloration could indicate crabgrass, recognizable by its clumpy growth and broader leaves, which turn brown during dormancy. Crabgrass often requires resodding, as herbicides can’t eliminate it without harming the grass.


Beggarweed is characterized by its sprawling growth habit, compound leaves with three leaflets, and clusters of small, purple flowers. It often invades lawns, pastures, and agricultural fields, competing with desirable plants for resources.


Sandspur, recognized by its spiky seed heads, is a problematic grassy weed forming dense patches in sandy soil that causes potential injury to people and pets while also crowding out beneficial grass species, resulting in unhealthy lawns.


How To Get Rid of Weeds in Florida

Proper irrigation and mowing schedules are critical to help prevent weeds from growing. Overwatering, infrequent mowing, and cutting grass too short are all major causes of weed growth. However, achieving a green, healthy, and weed-free lawn in Florida often requires diligent homeowner maintenance and routine professional lawn care treatment. For expert maintenance advice, weed control, and fertilization, you can rely on the professionals at Hulett to nurture a vibrant lawn.


Call a Professional Lawn Care Company for Weed Control

Hulett Environmental Services is a family-owned pest control company that has operated in south Florida for over 50 years, specializing in pest control and the best lawn care service and fertilization. Whether you’re battling weeds in Jupiter, Wellington, West Palm Beach, or any of the surrounding areas, Hulett is here to help. Just call Hulett today and browse our blog for more information and tips on how to have the healthiest lawn on the block!