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No-See-Um Appearance and Size Facts

No-see-ums, also known as biting gnats or biting midges, are minuscule bloodsucking gnats barely visible to the naked eye. Belonging to the family of biting flies, they’re smaller than fleas, measuring only about 0.03 of an inch in length. These tiny insects are adept at infiltrating through screens on windows, doors, and any other small opening they can find. Traveling in swarms, their slow movements often go unnoticed, meaning an infestation can happen long before you realize it.

Distinguishing No-See-Ums From Other Biting Insects

What sets no-see-ums apart is their diminutive size, making them challenging to detect. Unlike their larger relatives, these biting flies leave a powerful bite that is felt but not seen. The bites can result in large, red welts on the skin, causing pain and itchiness, especially for those with allergies. While resembling mosquitoes in their bloodsucking behavior, no-see-ums are even smaller and more elusive.

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Behavior and Habitat of No-See-Ums

No-see-ums thrive in warm weather and are particularly fond of coastal areas with abundant water and marshland. Active mostly in the summertime, they can persist year-round in certain south Florida regions. These tiny biters are most active during dawn and dusk, preferring to congregate around swimming pools or near puddles of water and breed in moist soil.

Signs of Infestation of No-See-Ums

The presence of no-see-ums is often indicated by sudden and unexpected bites experienced outdoors. Despite their small size, the pain from their bites is noticeable, and the aftermath may manifest as large, red welts on the skin. Infestations are more prevalent during peak biting times, such as dawn and dusk, and areas with standing water are common hot spots.

Tips for Prevention of No-See-Ums

The measures taken to deter no-see-ums are similar to those used against mosquitoes. These include draining or covering standing water, maintaining trimmed grass, shrubbery, and bushes, staying in motion to avoid slow-flying no-see-ums, and minimizing outdoor lighting. However, while nets may be able to keep the larger mosquitoes at bay, no-see-ums are simply too small to be stopped by most mesh nets.

Getting Rid of No-See-Ums

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Effective No-See-Um Control Solutions

For over 50 years, Hulett Environmental Services has been your trusted partner for quality pest control in south Florida. We pride ourselves on delivering enduring results, allowing you to enjoy your surroundings without the annoyance of no-see-um bites.

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