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Keeping Your South Florida Home Pest Free

South Florida may be a paradise to many, but it’s also a prime spot for many South Florida pests. If you don’t feel like sharing your home sweet home with Florida’s common household pests, try these helpful pest prevention tips.

A trashbag being pulled from a trash can.

Empty the Trash

One of the most important pest prevention tips is to empty trashcans. Make sure that all the garbage bins from the kitchen and the bathroom are emptied on a regular basis. Keeping debris around for too long can attract pests. While it may be tempting to fill a garbage bag up to the brim, pests will be attracted to the trash found at the top. Avoid letting garbage sit, even if the bag isn’t entirely full. Bugs won’t care if the garbage bag is half full or not, so to avoid risking pests, be sure to take the trash out every night. Consider investing in a kitchen trashcan with an airtight lid to keep determined pests at bay.

A bucket of cleaning tools.

Clean Regularly

This pest control tip may seem obvious, but all too often, a forgotten spill or crumb in the living room, bedroom or kitchen can be a meal ticket to South Florida pests. Clean the kitchen after every meal. Be sure to clean all surfaces, including the stove top, kitchen table, and counters. Make sure that areas around kitchen appliances such as blenders and toasters are free from smoothie spills or toast crumbs. Areas where tiny bits of food may collect are like a 24-hour diner for kitchen-loving pests. The same thing goes for Fido or Fluffy’s pet food so be sure to clear away any food that your pet doesn’t finish. You don’t want to keep pests as house pets! Do you or your family members bring snacks up to their room? Clean and vacuum bedroom areas regularly and make sure they are free from food debris, unless you want to share your sleeping space with cockroaches.

A man caulking a window.

Cover The Cracks, Seal The Gaps

Another key pest control tip is to cover the cracks and seal the gaps around plumbing in your home! Even unsealed caulk around a sink or bathtub can become a highway for busy bugs. Tiny holes in baseboards can also provide easy access to pests. Torn window and door screens will also allow pests easy access to your home and family, so check these regularly and make any necessary repairs.

A cluttered room.

Clear The Inside And Outside Clutter

Clutter of all kinds can be a direct invitation for bugs. Stacked newspapers and magazines can be a playground for ants and other pests so be sure to clear out unnecessary clutter. Break down all boxes and stack them in the garage or in a storage space, away from the main living area. Clearing away tree branches that are too close to the house can block possible entrance points for critters who might use these to enter the home.

A cockroach on the floor in front of a child.

Cockroach Allergies


Pests, especially cockroaches, can cause severe allergies and health issues. More than 75% of urban homes have cockroaches, and more than half of people who suffer from asthma do so because they have a severe cockroach allergy. South Floridians’ homes are especially vulnerable to cockroach allergies because of the warm weather. Cockroaches love the heat and thrive in our moist tropical climate. South Florida cockroaches are active year round.