Steps To Take After Re-Entering Your Home Following Termite Tenting

Post-Termite Treatment Home Care by Hulett

Although not mandatory, there are steps you may wish to take following termite tenting that can provide you with additional peace of mind and assurance.

Many homeowners find that thoroughly vacuuming all carpets, floors, furniture, bedding, and curtains helps remove any leftover dead pests, larvae, wings, and eggs.

You do not need to wash clothing, bedding, or any other items. After you re-enter the home you can remove any bagged items from their fumigation containers, return items such as pet food and medication to their proper place, re-attach screened-in porches, relocate shrubbery and landscaping to its original position, and more.

Here at Hulett, we understand this is a lot of information and can feel overwhelming, but don’t worry! In addition to this general overview, our licensed inspectors will provide to you a checklist and discuss with you in detail all of the steps to prepare for fumigation and what to expect during and after treatment.

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