Can Termites Be Eliminated Without Tenting?

Alternative Termite Treatment Options by Hulett

Yes, drywood termites can be eliminated without tenting. Tenting is sometimes needed with severe infestations of drywood termites throughout a home or when accessibility is an issue. However, if accessibility is good, and the infestation is smaller and more localized, then “no tent” options are available for drywood termites. Non-tenting treatments for drywood termites are less-invasive, eliminating the need to relocate your family, pack up your home, move furniture, cut back landscape plants and generally disrupt your life for the better part of a week.

Some professional pest control companies, such as Hulett Environmental Services, offer a no-tent termite treatment for drywood termites. This alternative to tenting involves a non-repellent liquid, foam, or dust that:

  1. Trained technicians inject advanced products directly into termite galleries
  2. Worker termites come into contact with the treated surfaces
  3. Worker termites distribute the product throughout the colony
  4. Products help eliminate the queen and eradicates the colony
  5. Technicians also treat common entry points and the attic to help prevent future infestations.

Tenting is ineffective against subterranean termites because the colony is also underground in the soil, where they are protected from the fumigant. Subterranean termites can be treated using a non-repellent liquid treatment to the soil, that’s fast-acting and creates a termite barrier around your home. Another solution for eliminating subterranean termites from your property involves pest control professionals installing environmentally-conscious termite bait stations on the perimeter of your property to create a termite boundary around your property. As termites are more attracted to the material in the bait stations, termites find the bait and then distribute it to their colonies, eliminating the subterranean termite colony.

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