How do you get rid of pests from plants?

Controlling Whiteflies in Your Home with Hulett

Depending on the pests that are on your plants, several ways exist to get rid of pests on plants. In South Florida, whiteflies, aphids, thrips, and scale often attack landscape plants. Whiteflies especially can be difficult to detect, until your plants show signs of these pests that suck the nutrients out of the plant’s leaves. Spraying your landscape plants with a garden hose early in the morning can sometimes reveal the whiteflies, as whiteflies will fly off the plant, when sprayed, sometimes forming a cloud of white mist. This is a good way to detect whiteflies. Remember, be sure to call a professional for extermination as soon as possible, as plant damage can occur quickly. Or, better yet, schedule an inspection from a professional to determine whitefly activity would be the best option.

When it comes to whitefly, DIY methods are not recommended. Professional help is the best route to ensure a healthy landscape.  It takes the guess work out of how to treat and care for your plants and allows you to enjoy a thriving garden.  For a professional approach, contact Hulett, your professional pest control company, for a free pest inspection and a plan to get your plants healthy and pest-free!

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