What are the main causes of household pests?

What Attracts Pests to my Florida Home?

Household pests are attracted to the food, water, and shelter your home offers them. Most insects are small enough to slip into your home through miniscule holes, cracks, and crevices in your foundation and around doorways, windows, and other entry points.

Here are other ways pests can enter your home:

  • Clutter in your yard offers pests places to nest and hide;
  • Clogged gutters and improper downspout drainage can attract pests in search of water sources;
  • Water damaged wood offers pests an easy way into your home;
  • Stacking wood, plant debris, or excess mulch against the walls of your home, instead of 10 feet away from your home invites pests into your home;
  • Clutter in your home allows pests that enter your home places to set up shop and build nests;
  • In kitchens, surfaces that aren’t wiped down after preparing food and dining areas that aren’t cleaned of crumbs and spills after each snack or meal provide all the food pests need to survive in your home;
  • Floors in food preparation areas and dining areas that aren’t swept or vacuumed after each snack or meal invite pests to enjoy your crumbs;
  • Sinks that contain dishes and food scraps from previous meals or snacks act as fast food for pests;
  • Pantries where dried goods are stored in paper bags or cardboard boxes attract pests to easily accessible food sources;
  • Open food packages that are stored in cabinets, drawers, or on counters, as is, instead of in glass, metal, or hard plastic containers are easy for insects to access; and
  • Outdoor trash receptacles that don’t close properly and aren’t sanitized can draw pests to your home.

Free Home or Business Pest Inspections with Hulett

While many of the above can be managed by the homeowner, it also helps to pair your routine home maintenance with regularly scheduled pest control with professionals. Just Call Hulett, we’ll help you keep the pests out of your home!

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