What are the pros of termite bait stations?

Advanced Termite Treatment with Hulett

Hulett uses advanced termite baiting station technology that provides the most reliable and effective means of eliminating subterranean termites from your property for good. Consisting of environmentally conscious baiting stations, strategically placed around the perimeter of your property, bait stations contain an insect growth regulator that doesn’t allow subterranean termites to molt, grow, or develop correctly. The bait stations can be installed as a preventative measure to control termites where they might enter your property, before they can cause problems.

Advantages of termite baiting systems include:

  • A green product that is kid, pet, and environmentally conscious
  • Eliminates termite colonies
  • Curative and Preventative approach to subterranean termite control
  • Termites prefer bait over wood, recruiting other termites to feed.
  • Product specifically targets termites
  • Does not impact your lawn or any palace where they are installed
  • No required intensive digging or drilling on your property, damaging aesthetics.
  • Suited for most kinds of structures, even structures that can’t be treated, using other methods
  • Works well with other termite control methods

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