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Hulett's Fire Ant Treatment

Fire Ants aren't native to South Florida, but they've made themselves comfortable in almost every yard or grassy area. This aggressive ant species will attack anything that disturbs their colony. They make no distinction between a natural enemy or a family member, as they rush out, viciously biting and stinging the unsuspecting intruder. This makes proper fire ant control essential for all South Florida homes and properties. The species are invasive, displacing other native ant species and disrupting the environment. When it comes to fire ants, Florida homeowners must take action to protect themselves with professional pest control and lawn spraying. Hulett Environmental Services is here to provide effective fire ant yard control and help you develop a preventative lawn maintenance plan that controls these insect pests. Having been in business exclusively in South Florida for more than 50 years, Hulett is the expert to call when you're in need of fire ant control. No company is better suited to do the job than our team.

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A Health Hazard To Be Avoided

A single attack by a red ant colony may result in dozens or even hundreds of stings in an extremely short period of time, and for some people who are allergic, the results from the stings can range from itchy rashes and local swelling and pain to paralysis or anaphylactic shock. In extremely rare cases, death has occurred from an extensive fire ant attack. Due to these hazards associated with the colonies, fire ant yard control is imperative. Hiring a professional lawn and pest control service such as Hulett will ensure that your family remains protected year-round from these stinging creatures.

Fire ant control is essential to prevent these potentially dangerous stings to humans and pets. Side effects from a fire ant sting can last for anywhere ranging from a few hours to several days. Often, within 24-hours of receiving a sting, a white pustule will appear at the site. When a person gets stung multiple times the reaction can be overwhelming and extremely painful.

Symptoms of fire ant stings include:

  • Skin irritation
  • Red bumps at the site of the sting
  • Blisters that fill with puss and resemble pimples
  • Tenderness and pain to the touch
  • Swelling
  • Itching
  • For those who are allergic, symptoms of anaphylactic shock can present themselves, causing health hazards such as trouble breathing and dizziness.

If you or a family member receive a sting from a fire ant, it's crucial to care for the area immediately. Be on the lookout for severe symptoms and reactions and seek medical treatment as soon as possible when necessary.

Developing a comprehensive lawn care plan to eradicate and prevent colonies is important for the comfort of your family. The experts at Hulett Environmental Services will administer the best fire ant yard control in the business.

Fire Ant Colony's Destructive Behavior & Habitat

From yards, grazeland, to farmland, the destructive behavior of a fire ant colony can have a negative impact on animals and plant life. If pets, livestock, and wildlife stumble upon a fire ant mound, they are just as susceptible to attack.

The distinctive fire ant nesting mounds have been found in fields, parks, and along parking areas and sidewalks. They can also establish colonies in A/C units, gas and water meter boxes, electrical equipment, and utility housing; potentially infesting and causing damage.

Signs of Fire Ant Colonies on Your Property

Hulett Environmental Services will send a trained inspector to your property to correctly identify any evidence of fire ant colonies around your home. If you notice any of the following signs around your home, it's time to call a professional for fire ant control. Florida is inundated with these vicious insects and homeowners are bound to encounter them sooner or later.

Signs of fire ant colonies include:

  • Otherwise unexplained dirt mounds that are 18-inches in diameter or less
  • Dirt mounds that appear in sunny areas of the lawn, or near driveways, patios, and sidewalks
  • Soil and debris accumulation around the edges of carpets or concrete slab floors inside
  • Soil and debris accumulation near water sources such as bathrooms and sinks, as well as near pipes and electrical units
  • Red ants hunting and foraging in the landscape

There can be hundreds of thousands of fire ants in a single colony, so you are likely to see the insects scurrying about as they forage for food and build their nests. Proper identification of fire ant colonies and their presence is crucial for effective treatment, which is why calling a professional service like Hulett is essential.

What Do Fire Ants Look Like?

For proper fire ant control, it is also essential to know what the insects themselves look like. Fire ants may be a variety of sizes, ranging from 1/8 to 1/4 inch long. Their bodies are red-brown in color, with a segmented and bent antenna that ends in a club. They have a stinger attached to their gaster, a bulbous portion of their abdominal segment.

It is crucial that if you see signs of fire ant colonies or other insects on your property or in your home that you call a professional fire ant control service like Hulett as soon as possible. Our experts will identify the insect, locate the site of their colonies, and develop a plan for fire ant yard control to eliminate the problem directly at the source.

Hulett's Fire Ant Control Program

The Hulett Fire Ant Program offers both baiting and granular product applications to eliminate this dangerous pest.

If fire ants try to re-establish a colony, they won't have a chance. Hulett will come back and retreat the area at no additional charge — Guaranteed!

Hulett's Fire Ant Control Programs

The Hulett Fire Ant Program will be customized to your property type and where you are having fire ant activity on your property. Our trained inspector will evaluate your home for fire ant activity and discuss with you the various treatment options. Fire ants located in the turf can be treated via lawn spray. This is typically where fire ants reside. However, fire ants located on the interior of homes can be treated with other pest control methods, such as granular baiting. So wherever your home may be infested with fire ants, a professional pest control company will be able to offer an array of solutions such as lawn spraying, mound baiting, or granular product broadcast applications to eliminate this hazardous pest. Hulett's trained and certified applicators will complete a thorough inspection and discuss with you and your family the recommended and customized treatment plan.

Hulett offers lawn spraying and fertilization programs to meet every homeowner's needs. Our lawn programs can be customized to include turf and ornamental spraying, and palm treatment. Hulett specializes in fertilization, insect and disease control, and weed control, too! If you chose Hulett for your lawn spray service, we can make sure you never have to worry about fire ants in your yard.

If fire ant mounds are discovered near the home, the mounds can also be baited. Due to the aggressive feeding nature of the ants, this is a guaranteed way to eliminate the colony. Worker ants carry the bait back to the queen, eradicating the colony at its source. Fire ants are attracted to the taste of the bait, which ensures that they stick around long enough to bring it back to the queen and colony.

Granular product broadcast applications may be another effective way to eradicate extensive fire ant populations. Our experts will broadcast granular product throughout a heavily infested grassy area. The product is then activated with water, as it seeps into the mound to eliminate the fire ant colony. This treatment can control fire ants throughout an infested area and help prevent them from reinfesting for up to a year. If fire ants try to re-establish a colony, they won't have a chance. Hulett will come back and re-treat the area at no additional charge — Guaranteed!

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